Common's Girlfriend 2022| Are Tiffany and Common Still Together? 

There’s a common misconception, every breakup feels ugly. But the truth is there are some celebrities who changed their thoughts. Common and Tiffany, who broke up last year’s November, still have mutual respect for one another. 

Their break up hurt most followers as the couple were in a two year relationship. So, who’s Common’s girlfriend in 2022 after his last split? Are Tiffany and Common still together? 

Who's our loving rapper Common's Girlfriend?
Common by Mika-photography licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

Rapper Common is reportedly single in 2022. Although rumors sparked he went on a date with his upcoming film’s co-star but he didn’t address it. After the split Tiffany and Common are still together as friends, not a couple. 

Want to know who became the rumored girlfriend of Common? Where did they go for a date? Read further to know more interesting news. 

Who is Common’s Girlfriend in 2022? 

Common stayed quiet after breaking up with his ex-girlfriend Tiffany last November. The couple were a favorite and after they split the curiosity of people has been raised to know who is Common’s girlfriend in 2022. 

Especially after the rumors spread that ‘The Light’ singer is dating Jennifer Hudson. According to gossip, they were seen in the Vedge Restaurant. They were having lunch and flirting with one another. After finishing their meals the duo left for Philadelphia as per the story. 

Who is Common presently dating? Is he single or dating anyone?
Common by Feast of Music licensed under CC BY 2.0

But none of the stars addressed the made up story. Common is silent about his present relationship. Maybe he is still searching for somebody. Since Common shared his past relationship with the public, he most probably will let the world know again if he finds his love of life again. 

Are Tiffany and Common Still Together? 

Tiffany and Common’s relationship was beautiful. Their love story was something people would keep talking about. Fans were happy when the rapper Common and the American comedian Tiffany Haddish began to love each other. Their love journey started from the set of ‘The Kitchen’ in 2019.

After spending some time together, they gradually fell for each other. The couple then reportedly lived together for two years during COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately they mutually broke up in November of 2021. 

Are Tiffany and Common Still Together? Let's see the details.
Tiffany Haddish by Nicole Alexander licensed under CC BY 3.0

But Common and Tiffany are still together in 2022, as friends. Now they are exes yet there is a strong bond between the two. Tiffany’s Instagram post on Common’s birthday tells it all. The artist of Girls Trip said some lovely words dedicating Common and posted on Instagram. 

Tiffany Haddish wrote,

“Happy Birthday to the King @common! One of the most handsome, dynamic and wonderful men I have ever known. May the most HIGH continue to bless and shine thru you. I am wishing you Joy, Peace, Light, Love and fun on your born day! I hope you are 50 more years. Love!” 

The “Come Close” rapper commented on her post saying “I see what you did there. Thx Tiff! This is pretty unexpected however we can see they are still very close. They are continuing the relationship but after converting love into friendship. 

Final Words 

Common is not common. It may sound hilarious but this is indeed true. He is different from thousands of celebrities, but while others try hard to keep their relationship status hidden, he let the entire world know who he was in love with for the past two years.

Also we know about his past relationships. Tiffany Haddish is still in contact with common but not as girlfriend but friend. After the Common split with his ex, the singer hasn’t gone in any new relationship.

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