Daniel Ezra Girlfriend 2022| Who is Daniel Ezra Dating in 2022

Daniel Ezra is a renowned actor who is popular for his famous role in All AmericanWho doesn’t skip a heartbeat taking a glance at him? Most of the characters of the show are certainly smitten with our beloved Daniel on the show. 

Daniel Ezra got a huge fan base and a love for his chemistry with on-screen Olivia Baker (Samantha Logan).

Even after being so famous and getting love from all over the world, his personal and love life is private and unknown.

But we come up with some interesting facts about his personal life and relationship matters in this article. Here we are going to unfold them as follows:

Daniel Ezra’s Love Life

Ezra has a habit of dating infamous people, which is why he keeps his love life private and under wraps. However, he dated a few famous actresses as well.

After checking his dating history, we got to learn a lot about his love life and partners. He always prefers to figure out relationships. He openly declared himself as a single man rather than making his relationship status private.

This thing makes his love life a bit complicated yet interesting. Being single avails him for new relationships in different ways.

Daniel Ezra has had three previous on-screen relationships where he was even got real close with one woman. But their relationship didn’t work out, and they had to part ways.

After that, he was in two more relationships,

and all of them didn’t work out for long. So, as you can see, it is tough to find out about his love life, but it is even harder to keep track of his on-screen flings, relationships, and breakups as well.

Who has Daniel Ezra Dated?

Daniel Ezra tried to keep his love life under the wraps; therefore, only some of his on-screen relationships were public.

But we are sure about at least one of his real-life dates. Though we don’t have enough details to share about her. So, let’s find out some detailed insight on his on-screen love interests:

1.      Asjha Cooper

They started dating from the show’s very beginning, but people got to know about them a few days later, and people didn’t like them so much.

It was before Ezra established himself as an Actor and got popularity, he dated Asjha Cooper. Both of them were not popular at that time.

This is why they couldn’t get enough attention to go further with their relationship on the show. But the most interesting fact about this relationship is Asjha was older than Ezra.

Maybe this was the reason for their on-screen breakup, as their relationship didn’t even last till a few rounds of the show.

2.      Greta Onieogou

Greta Onieogou is the new young sensation among the boys. She made a huge fan base on this show as well. She was even popular when they started dating.

Ezra and Greta both starred in the show All American together, and during some pair-up tasks, they came close, and their sparks flew. They were even spotted while packing on the

PDA while promoting the show outside.

But they couldn’t be together for a long time as well. They only get to stay together for a few months, and then they quit on each other.

But we can say that they are still on good terms, which is the reason behind their working together. In addition, Zoe Kravitz is currently single, just like Daniel.

3.      Samantha Logan

In real life, Ezra and Logan are just good and close friends. They were never affirmative about their relationship. But people ship this couple and wonder whether they are really in a relationship or not.

There is a strong reason behind their thinking. Ezra often posts about Logan on his social media platforms which lets people think about their intimacy.

But he denied all the rumors by saying that they are just work-related posts and behind-the-scenes photos.

He also added in his defense that he shares photos with other stars too from the same show. Logan also shared some close photos with Ezra, which proves how good their friendship is.

Logan was in a relationship before with Dylan Sprayberry, an actor by profession and popularly known for his younger version of Clark Kent’s role in the Superman (2013) film Man of Steel.

Wrap Up

His actual love life is still under the wraps as he calls himself an eligible bachelor; therefore, his dating history is quite unknown.

But all his on-screen romance and relationships are quite public. Maybe that is why he becomes so mum about his previous relationships.

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