How Old and Tall is Demi Lovato? Her Ethnicity, Parents, Siblings

Demi Lovato possesses many talents. She is well-recognized in the field of music. But other than that, she is a noted model, actress, and songwriter.

The artist attracted the spotlight at a young age. She got the recognition she deserves for her roles on the Disney Channel. 

Demi Lovato by Frank Schwichtenberg licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

When she stepped out of being a child artist, she started to release pop songs each year. Through the years, the singer has gained a huge fanbase. I assume you are one of them, given that you are here today to learn more about her. 

So assuming that you love the superstar so much, come along. We will explore everything about her, including Demi Lovato’s age, height, ethnicity, parents, siblings, and other relevant details. 

How Old Is Demi Lovato?

The superstar was born on August 20, 1992. This means that Demi Lovato age is 29 years and will be a year older in a few months.

She won several awards for her songs at a young age, including Heart Attack, Sorry Not Sorry, and Skyscraper. All of her songs have helped to increase her popularity even more. 

In 2012, the singer set a Guinness World Record as the youngest judge on The X Factor’s reality show. She was only 19 years old at that time. 

What Is Demi Lovato Height?

The superstar has an impressive height of

about 5 feet and 3 inches. This is equivalent to 161 inches. Such height allowed her to command the stage every time she was on it. 

How tall is Demi Lovato? let's know about her height.
Demi Lovato by Ralph Arvesen licensed under CC BY 2.0

What Is Demi Lovato Ethnicity Race?

The father of the international recording artist comes from New Mexico. His ancestors lived there for many generations. Like most people of Mexican descent, his father also has Indigenous Mexican and Spanish ancestry. 

Based on her father’s genealogy, it was also traced that he has distant Jewish and Portuguese ancestry. It is not typical for an individual with Mexican-Spanish ancestry to have remote Jewish or Portuguese origin. 

The mother of the artist, on the other hand, comes from an English family. She also has Northern Irish and Scottish ancestry. This means that the artist has biracial roots, and she can speak a bit of Spanish. 

Who Are Demi Lovato Parents?

The pop singer was born to Dianna De La Garza and Patrick Lovato. Her parents were married in 1984, but they separated after a decade of being together. The singer was still young when her parent split up. Her mother got married again to Eddie De La Garza. 

Unfortunately, the father of the vocal powerhouse died in 2013 due to cancer. He was only 52 years old when he passed away. The singer was not close to her father growing up. 

Who                                                                                    Are Demi Lovato Parents? Let's know about them.
Demi Lovato by Soho Media Group licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

Who Are Demi Lovato Siblings?

The parent of the superstar has two daughters. Other than the singer, the other biological child of Patrick and Dianna is Dallas Lovato. She is older than the singer by a few years.

We have not identified what does she for a living. But she is said to be working in the entertainment industry – behind the spotlight. 

The two of them then had children with their other relationships. Her mother had a daughter named Madison De La Garza in her second marriage. The younger half-sister of the singer is also in the entertainment industry.

Her current role was in a TV drama entitled Desperate Housewives. Madison is currently attending Chapman University while working on some short films. 

Furthermore, she has another half-sister named Amber Lovato. But she only got the chance to reconnect with her in 2013, shortly after her father died. 

It’s A Wrap!

There you have it, folks! It is now confirmed that you love the superstar as much as we do since you take the time to know Demi Lovato age, height, ethnicity, parents, siblings, and other relevant details about her. 

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