Dennis Rodman Wives| How Many Times Rodman Was Married?

Dennis Keith Rodman is a professional basketball player who is popular for his vicious defensive and recovering abilities.

This former American NBA star worked as an unofficial US peace Ambassador to North Korea. Besides his glamorous career, this unpredictable but always interesting man had been a news headline for different personal reasons like divorce!

Who are Dennis Rodman wives? Let's know about them.
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He even had to settle several lawsuits out of court for the allegation of sexual assault. Read this article to find out every detail about Dennis Rodman’s marital life. 

Dennis Rodman Wives ??

Dennis Rodman indeed was one of the shining stars in the leagues during the late ’80s and throughout the ’90s.

Roman dated several high-profile women like Madonna, Vivica A. Fox during his playing period. But he got married to someone else. Rodman got married three times in his entire life!

Who are the wives of Dennis Rodman?

Dennis Rodman got married first in September 1992 with Annie Bakes. This couple started dating in 1987. They got divorced just after 82 days of their marriage.

Later Rodman got married to model Carmen Electra on November 14, 1998. This marriage too lasted only 6 months surprisingly! He again got married after a long break in 2003 to Michelle Moyer. But this one also didn’t work out.

How many times was Rodman married?

Dennis Rodman got married three times. We will let you know here why his marriages failed! Rodman’s first wife Bakes claimed that they got divorced because Rodman stopped going to couples therapy! She stated, “When Dennis and I were married, I told him the only way I would stay with him as if we went to get counselling.” She also said, “He agreed to go, but after a couple of times, he quit.”

In 1988, this couple’s daughter Alexis Caitlyn was born. Unfortunately, their relationship was flawed because of perfidies and allegations of abuse.

Rodman was going through a few legal issues, and he was an alcohol addict during Alexis’s childhood. But they seem to have a good relationship now.

Why did Dennis Rodman’s second marriage didn’t work?

After a first failed marriage in 1998, Rodman married Carmen Electra again in Las Vegas in a full festive mood. Surprisingly Rodman filed for ‘annulment’ claiming that he was in unsound mind during this marriage! They somehow reunited, but Electra filed for divorce in April of next year. 

This couple wed soon after Electra’s mother and sister died. Later in an interview, this Baywatch actress disclosed that she married Rodman “in direct response to numbing emotional pain.”

Though they had a kind of tempestuous relationship, Electra later stated, “It was an occupational hazard to Rodman’s girlfriend.”

Dennis Rodman’s third wife ??

Soon after his second divorce, Rodman met Michelle Moyer. In 2000 Rodman took a break from basketball. During that break, supposedly in 2003, he got married for the third time to Michelle.

Rodman and Moyer have a son and a daughter together named Dennis Jr. and Trinity.

Sadly, Michelle filed for divorce in 2004. Though this couple tried for several years to reconcile, they officially parted in divorce in 2012.

That time Moyer again asked the court for divorce! Their kids are grown up now. In 2019 Rodman’s son D.J started playing basketball, and his daughter Trinity is a professional soccer player.

This star was born in 1961, and he had a very flourishing career where he played with Detroit Bad Boys, Chicago Bulls, and Dallas Mavericks of the NBA. “The Worm” titled player had a genuinely diversified life journey.

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