Dharod Family Net Worth 2022| How Rich are Dharod Brothers?

Dharod family is the founder of Shyam Group, which is an Indian group based in Mumbai. Dharod family belongs to India, who has started his business with Textile trading; later on, he expands his business to real estate, building, energy, and different areas.

Harshad Dharod and Sunil Dharod are the two brothers. At the age of 15 of Sunil, the Dharod family migrated to the U.S. After completing High school, Sunil worked and worked overnight.

After a long time, they came to this position for their hard work. Harshad Dharod and Sunil Dharod are business owners with restaurant franchisees and thousands of apartments.

They have an encouraging rag to riches story from obscure beginnings in India to establish a restaurant empire in the U.S. The following year and the Dharod family’s net worth of $80 million. 

Full NameSunil Dharod and Harshad Dharod
Birth PlaceIndia
Relationship StatusMarried
Net Worth$80 million
Family Relation Brothers.

Early Life Of Dharod Brothers

The Dharod family grew up in India when the Dharod Brothers were too young, and their father had passed away, willing their mother to nourish them.

Over the course of the night, the family’s wealth vanished. At an early age, the brothers have to face many difficulties to lead their life.

With the main person providing for the family gone, the brothers created a tremendous challenge to make ends meet. The brothers were gone for sale, milk door to door by pulling eight milk bottles by boarding a train.

In those early years, besides this work, Sunil and Harshad had to do odd jobs when other children were hectic playing. Later on, the Dharod family migrated to the U.S. in hunt of a better life.

While after, finish high school, Sunil accomplished his dream of working as an auto mechanic. At a time, he worked three jobs to improve his family.

Over time almost every night, Dharod struggled and earned almost $100,000 per year in that situation. After a long struggle, Dharod’s family net worth earns this position.

Personal Life Of Dharod Family

Sunil Dharod and Harshad Dharod were brothers. And both the brothers are married. They have a child in their married life. Both the brothers fancy to exist very private lives.

Nevertheless, today the Dharod family has created a fortune for them and become one multi-millionaires.

Elder son of Sunil’s, Chris Dharod, involves their family business and looks after the section of Applebee, while it also involves his daughter Puja with the family business. She is the director of their company.

Dharod Family Net Worth and Business

During the death of Dharod ‘s father, he was just 3 years old, and his mother had to establish three boys with her salary as a dressmaker.

At the age of seven, Dharod started work as a milk delivery boy; besides, they have done several odd jobs for helping in the family financial crisis. Two brothers prestige their mother for imparting a strong work ethic on them.

In 2016, During an interview with Nation’s Restaurant News, Dharod said everything we did, those things we learned from mom. She inspired a good work ethic. She worked as strongly as we all did.

They worked strenuously and thought they were following as per their mother ethic. After the end of high school, Sunil joined trade school, and there he was a mechanic and earned $100,000.

He earned this value as his base salary around $60,000 and earned the other $40,000 by serving overtime and weekends.

Similarly, Harshad wanted to magnify a doctor but initially started working in a restaurant. During his work, Harshad remarked to the owner he preferred to leave to continue his studies to receive a promotion.

While after some time, they became a Supervisor of a restaurant. The two brothers saved money and spent it purchasing their first restaurant as a franchise.

Finally, Sunil bought a unit of Jack in the Box in Los Angeles. Through the year, they bought more of the franchise. Later on, they sold the restaurant and bought Burger King. 

As of the day, Sunil and Harshad, two brothers, turned their net worth of $80 million. Today Sunil manages various companies like 70 Applebee’s, 47 Sonic Drive’s, and Roy’s restaurants within SSCP Management.

On the other side, Harshad expanded his business in the restaurant industry and real estate by employing over 4000 people serving him.

Dharod Family Net Worth

As of the following year, the Dharod family has a considered net worth of $80 million. Both of them had continued the work ethic they possessed while they were selling milk in India.

From their early life, they struggled a lot, and after that, they created their multi-millionaires stories.


Therefore, it can say that if someone works hard by following ethics, no one can stop them in life.

So for this reason, As now of today, the Dharod family’s net worth was across millionaires, and now they are on the list of multi-millionaires.

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