Diana Ross' Age, Height, Husband, Kids, Parents, Siblings

One of the greatest singers in history is Diana Ross. She started as the lead singer of the girl group, The Supremes, and became successful as a solo artist.

Not only that, but she entered the world of acting. The group she belonged to has been the best-selling group in the world during her time, and her solo career was even more successful.

All you need to know about Diana Ross' Age, Height, Husband, Kids, Parents, Siblings.
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With that, she has gained so many fans that are interested in her personal life. Perhaps, you are one of them since you end up here. This post will provide all the necessary facts about her life that every fan should be aware of – from her career to her family. 

Keep reading and find out about Diana Ross’ age, height, husband, kids, parents, siblings, and many more. 

Diana Ross Age

The international music icon was born on March 26, 1994. Recently, she celebrated her 77th birthday. She has grown up in the entertainment industry. Everyone has heard her music and seen her acting.

But before that, the star was raised in a housing project sometime between the 1940s and 1950s. This was when she started to sing for the church as a gospel choir.

Then, at the age of 15,

she formed a group along with her friends Barbara Martin, Florence Ballard, and Mary Wilson. Everything after that has defined success for the star.

Diana Ross Height

The global superstar is not that tall at 5 feet and 4 inches. This is equivalent to 164 cm in the metric system. But nobody can notice her short height when she performs on stage.

Perhaps this is due to her oozing confidence, high heels, or powerful voice. Plus, her body weighing 56 kilograms is just right to her height. The singer weighs.

What's Diana Ross Height? How tall is she?
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Diana Ross Husband And Kids

The superstar has five kids in total over her two marriages. In 1965, she was in a relationship with the chief of Motown, Berry Gordy. They had been together for several years before she gave birth to her firstborn, Rhonda Suzanne Silberstein.

After her pregnancy, she tied the knots with the music executive named Robert Ellis. Diana Ross husband raised her daughter as his own child. After 13 years, the singer has told her daughter about her biological father.

Later, the singer conceived again. Two of Diana Ross kids are of Silberstein. Chudney Lane and Tracee Joy Silberstein are the fruit of their love. However, the two got divorced in 1977.

After her divorce, the legendary singer dated Gene Simmons. But the relationship also ended. Then, she met the Norwegian shipping magnate named Arne Næss Jr, whom she exchanged vows with after a year of dating.

The music icon became a stepmother to her husband’s three children, and he became the stepfather of her three children.

They also have kids of their own: Ross Arne and Evan Olav. But then again, the marriage ended up with a divorce in 2000 because Arne impregnated another woman. But even after the divorce, the singer maintained her close relationship with her ex-stepchildren.

Diana Ross Parents

The global music icon was the second child of Fred Ross Sr. and Ernestine Ross. She was born in Detroit, Michigan. Their family used to live in Brewster-Douglass. This is one of the low-income housing districts of Detroit.

Who are Diana Ross Parents? Let's know about them.
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Although life has been tough as she grew up, she was never aware of it since her family is close. Her entire family has also been active in the choir of a Baptist church in their community.

Diana Ross Siblings

The Ross family has six children, and as mentioned earlier, the international music artist is the second eldest. She has three younger brothers: Wilbert Ross, who is a dancer; Arthur Ross, who is a composer and a songwriter; and Fred Ross, Jr. She also has two sisters.

Barbara Ross-Lee is a physician and the eldest child of the Ross family. The other one is Rita Rose, and her profession is a teacher. All of them were close growing up.

It’s A Wrap!

After you read about Diana Ross’ age, height, kids, parents, siblings, you might have appreciated her more than her success as a musician.

The award-winning actress and popular songstress is also a humble woman who honors the church and her family, especially her children.

If there is anything, you would like to know about her, comment below!

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