Diana Ross Net Worth 2022| How Wealthy Is Diana Ross?

The name Diana Ross is heard anywhere in the world. She is a legendary singer that will always be listened to by people.

But aside from being Grammy Award-winning musician, she is also a record producer and actress. The celebrity has appeared in numerous television shows and movies. 

How much net worth Diana Ross have? how rich is she?
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It is mainly her talent in singing that has caught the global audience’s attention. But it is inevitable for them to get interested in her personal life. For one thing, many are curious about how wealthy is Diana Ross. 

As such, we decided to take on this topic for today. This post will reveal to you Diana Ross net worth 2022. Read below and find out!

Diana Ross Net Worth in 2022

The legendary actress and singer are worth about 250 million dollars. Initially, she was a member of The Supremes. But eventually, she has taken her path as a solo career which bears her immense success, fame, and fortune.

The artist made history by having #1 hit songs as a member of a duet, solo group, and as a solo artist. She has over 75 million album sales globally, which explains her substantial amount of net worth.

Diana Ross Net Worth in 2022
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How Wealthy Is Diana Ross?

Let us look at how wealthy the singer is by breaking down her career and assets. Read below to find out how did she became so rich.

Solo Career

As a solo artist, she released her debut album with Motown label in 1970. Two other albums followed the first one. Then in 1971, her first television appearance happened when she starred in a series entitled Diana.

In 1980, she left the Motown label, from which she was paid a severance pay amounting to 250 thousand dollars after she worked for them for about two decades.

The start then signed a contract amounting to 20 million dollars with RCA Records. That has been the costliest recording deal that has taken place in the history of that time. The first album with them has been very successful, with more than one million copies sold.

Throughout her career as a solo artist, she has released more than 30 albums, including her soundtrack, live, and studio albums.

Not only that, but the superstar also has not less than 90 singles, and seventeen of them have been on the Billboard Top 40, twelve have made it to the Top 10, and six have been the No. 1 hit.

How Wealthy Is Diana Ross? Let's know about her income sources.
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Acting Career

Aside from her successful music career, she also ventured into the films and television industry. With her performance in a film entitled Lady Sing the Blues, the actress has been nominated for the Academy Award and Golden Globe Award.

Real Estate

To illustrate her wealth better, let us look at her real estate portfolio. The primary residence of the famous celebrity for so long is her large mansion located in Greenwich, Connecticut.

But in 2007, her home was listed for sale with the price tag of 39.5 million dollars. However, there has been no buyer since the real estate market has crashed at that time.

The singer’s mansion has 11 bedrooms, 6 full bathrooms, 5 fireplaces, 2 apartments, one tennis court, hot tub, and pool. This is stationed in a 5-acres of land.

It’s A Wrap!

After you figure out how much is Diana Ross net worth 2022, you can agree when I say that her long hard work in the industry has indeed paid off. Over the years, the singer has accumulated so much wealth.

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