Did Lisa From BLACKPINK Get Plastic Surgery? Truth Revealed

Lisa Manoban from the BLACKPINK is known for her flawless beauty. She is an entire thing to get attracted to, especially that cute, beautiful round face. Her spotless appearance has made many women question how she can be perfect. 

Did Lisa From BLACKPINK Get Plastic Surgery? Let's see.
Lisa by dol Hunter licensed under CC BY 4.0

Every Kpop artist has to look perfect, so they have to undergo some surgical procedures to ensure they look 100% gorgeous.

So, did Lisa BLACKPINK also get plastic surgery? We are about to reveal the truth. So, let’s get down to business right away. 

Lisa Had Multiple Facial Surgeries and Did Skin Bleaching

Whoever looks at Lisa will, of course, think she is flawless. Well, that’s true, but she had to work on her beauty enhancement a lot. Some may not believe it, but after comparing her past and present pictures, it’s super easy to tell she had done multiple surgeries. 

So let’s learn one by one which surgeries Lisa went through. Which part of her was made more profound through surgery, and which is her natural charm? So here we go. 

Eyelid Lift and Epicanthoplasty 

If you carefully notice Lisa’s eyes, you will find them more comprehensive than before. It’s because she did Epicsnthoplasty. It’s a surgery that will remove some skin from a person’s eye corner so that they appear wider. This surgery helped her to get cat-looking eyes. 

Manoban also did eyelid lifting and canthoplasty to make her pair of eyes look round. Lifting her eyes would look rather unattractive without eyelids because human eyes are not only comprehensive but round.

So she had to go through the eyelid raising process and lateral canthoplasty to ensure the eyes appeared flawless. 


It’s a surgery process that removes fat from the upper eyelid. In Lisa’s past pictures, we can see the upper eyelids portions of her had puffiness. She most probably flattened them or permanently removed the unnecessary fat. 


Lisa might have gone through multiple rhinoplasties, meaning she lifted her nose, reduced the wideness, and raised the nose tip.

In her previous photos, the nose was wide enough, round shaped, and lower nose tip, which we no longer can see. She also raised her nose bridge with this surgery. 

Lip Lift and Corner Lip Lift 

Every Kpop singer needs to look perfect, so they must undergo plastic surgery. Lisa’s lips were delicate, but they needed to be accurate, so she did lip lifting, filling, and corner lip lifting. 

Lisa's Lip Lift and Corner Lip Lift surgery details.
Lisa by Off The Page licensed under CC BY 4.0

The distance between her nasal base and upper lip is reduced by lip lift. Also, it seems her upper lip is filled with a permanent material that makes it stick out of her face. Also, you will find her lip corners were lifted. 

Jawline Enhancement with Filler

Looking at Lisa’s previous images, we will find her jawline was pretty small and set back. But now, her chin appears longer and forward. So it’s obvious she did jawline enhancement with filler. 

Skin Bleaching

Finding a scar or a tiny spot on Lisa’s skin seems impossible. Generally, every person has skin issues, even a little. But Lisa’s skin looks completely smooth, which indicates she might have had her skin bleached. 

Lisa Didn’t Go Through Body Surgeries

It seems Lisa is flawless when it comes to having a curvy body. In many interviews, Lisa shared that she works a lot.

Lisa Didn't Go Through Body Surgeries. Truth revealed.
Lisa by VOGUE Taiwan licensed under CC BY 3.0

She especially does pilates more than other exercises. That’s how she can keep her figure naturally slim. As per we know, she didn’t have surgery on her body. 

Final Words 

YG Entertainment has banned BLACKPINK members from doing many things, including getting tattoos, because the beauty standard of Kpop singers is to look unblemished.

However, to enhance their beauty, they can take the help of surgery till there is no significant difference and they keep improving their charm. 

Korean plastic surgery is famous worldwide for making small yet drastic changes. Lisa’s old and present pictures tell us which surgeries she got and how fast she became prettier than the day she joined the BLACKPINK. Such news is kept hidden by the Kpop industry.

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