Did Rosé from BLACKPINK Cut Her Iconic Long Hair? 

Hair is the most important thing to a woman. Usually, girls like keeping long hair, Rosé from BLACKPINK must have been no exception for the past nine years. But suddenly, in June 2022, her fans found something surprising about her. 

Rosé was featured on Elle magazine’s cover, where she was found with short hair. Her hair seemed to be cut to her neck. 

Did Rosé from BLACKPINK Cut Her Iconic Long Hair? 
Rosé by Vogue Taiwan licensed under CC BY 3.0

The singer herself posted it on Instagram and left some of her fans surprised and others in shock. Let’s learn further about why Rosé from BLACKPINK cut her iconic long hair and how her fans reacted. 

Rosé Was Seen with Short Hair for the First Time on the Cover of Korea’s Top Magazine ‘Elle’

Rosé from the BLACKPINK didn’t notify her fans on social platforms about her new appearance. She suddenly posted a photo on Instagram showing the singer with short hair. 

While it shocked some Rosie fans, others were happy to see her changed look as they requested her to bring changes to her hairstyles for the past few years. It seems like their idol listened to them. 

In May 2022, it was declared the Rosé would be seen on Elle’s Cover page in the June edition. Lisa Manoban was featured on Elle’s cover in May. Before the photoshoot for the magazine, Rosé from BLACKPINK hair was still long. 

See                                                                                    Rosé from BLACKPINK's short hair.
Rosé by PUBG Mobile / Blue Hole Studio licensed under CC BY 3.0

Suddenly she posted on Instagram the image of that magazine cover where her followers noticed that she had cut her hair to her neck. We must mention that the “On the Ground” singer kept her iconic long hair for 9 long years. 

Now the question may arrive, why did Rosé cut her long hair suddenly? There are no verified reports on this, but her fans have different opinions on the Matter. 

Fans Think Rosé Cut Her Hair for Upcoming BLACKPINK Album

A group of Rosé supporters has been requesting the BLACKPINK Queen to cut her hair in order to change the only look she has been appearing with for years. 

Another group wanted her to keep her iconic look with those long hair till the end. Some even suggested she dye her hair black like before. 

But it seems Rosé decided to listen to the group that told her to try something new, so she cut her long hair short to the neck. 

Fans Think Rosé Cut Her Hair for Upcoming BLACKPINK Album. Here is the truth.
Rosé by VOGUE Taiwan licensed under CC BY 3.0

Some BLINKs think this sudden change indirectly tells us that BLACKPINK is about to come with a new album soon. This could be a strong reason, as BLACKPINK Jennie has dyed her hair.

However, YG Entertainment has not declared such a piece of news so let’s wait and see if the BLINKs have guessed it correctly. 

Final Words 

All BLACKPINK members are unique; Jisoo’s unique attribute is her cute smile and awkward face, Lisa’s is her talent of learning dance steps by just looking at them once, Jennie’s is her luxurious fashion sense, and Rosé‘s was her long iconic hair. 

Fortunately or unfortunately, the singer appeared with a new haircut that is widely getting accepted. Although some followers are still sad about the news of her short hair, they also admit she looks gorgeous with her new look. 

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