Did Tom Hanks Give Up His American Citizenship? 

Tom Hanks is on the list of best actors and directors. In 2002, he was also presented with the AFI Life Achievement Award.

He is famous for acting in several Hollywood movies, dramas, and comedy shows. People have been curious to learn about him because he is a well-known celebrity already.

Did Tom Hanks Give Up His American Citizenship? Let's see the truth.
Tom Hanks by Dick Thomas Johnson licensed under CC BY 2.0

Maybe you want to know whether Tom Hanks gave up his American citizenship. We have provided all the facts you want to learn about in this post.

So stop wondering and start reading, because we are sure that in the end, you’ll find the answer. So let’s begin! 

Who’s Tom Hanks

Before going ahead, let’s learn a little about him! He’s a talented actor who gained a high reputation through his talent. At an early age, he started his career and earned a good income. 

As a result of the millions of followers he has on Instagram, he is a well-known figure globally.  As a producer of numerous limited series and television movies, the legendary artist was honored with seven Primetime Emmy Awards.

Tom Hanks Nationality

We know that many of you want to know did the darling actor give up his American citizenship. Let’s check out! Maybe it’s surprised you, but Officially, Tom and his wife Rita Wilson hold dual citizenship with Greece and the United States of America. 

The Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis shared this unique story on his Instagram account. The couple received their passports and all other citizenship documents from Kyriakos at the meeting, which marked their acquisition of Greek citizenship.

What's Tom Hanks' nationality? Let's know the details here.
Tom Hanks by John Bauld licensed under CC BY 2.0

How do they get Greek nationality? The actor’s wife inherited her Greek ancestry from her mother, Dorothea, and the television program Who Do You Think You Are? followed her search for her Greek heritage. 

All of the star family members are now citizens of Greece. They also have a great house there. 

At the 2020 Golden Globe Awards, he reportedly said, “Greece is a paradise. “I’ve traveled extensively and have visited some of the most breathtaking locations on earth, but nothing compares to Greece. The sky, oceans, and land are all calming and excellent for the soul.

Do you know why the president of Greece gives them Greek nationality? The couple aided and abetted Greek wildfire victims; that’s why Hollywood stars were given honorary citizenship.

It’s A Wrap! 

We hope you have learned that Tom Hanks gave up his American citizenship. The actor, his wife, and two children still have US nationality despite being Greece citizens.

The couple is very proud of getting Greek nationality. The actor celebrates his birthday in Greece, and after spending a few years, they come back to America.

Thanks, my dear friends, for reading.  For more updates, please stay in touch with us. Read this too: Is Lady Gaga in The New American Horror Story? Have a good day!

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