Does Adele Quit Smoke Cigarettes In 2022?

Adele engages in circuit training, boxing, and weightlifting to become mentally and physically stronger.

However, she has a lifestyle choice that is not sustainable, smoking cigarettes. The famous singer has been a heavy smoker. She can even smoke up to 25 cigarettes per day.

Does Adele Quit Smoke Cigarettes In 2022?
Adele By Kristopher Harris Licensed Under CC BY 2.0

But this habit is very alarming, and she recognized it. This habit can kill her, and we know we are all aware of it. So the question of most people: does she quit smoking cigarettes in 2022? You will find out about Adele smoking habits in this post! So, be with us until the end!

Is Adele A Heavy Smoker?

It is pretty funny thinking that the young Adele, who likes puffing her cigar as she strums her guitar on the streets or parks of London, would become one of the best female musicians in the world. But her smoking has become very alarming, and it endangers her career.

She is a heavy smoker. On average, the pop singer can smoke up to 25 cigarettes daily. That is too much smoking in just a day, and this habit of the vocal powerhouse can put an end to her life.

Why Did Adele Quit Smoking?

In 2011, the super star had to stop performing to undergo surgery for her vocal cord. Her smoking had posed a risk on her voice, which could even leave permanent damage.

By then, she knew she had to quit smoking because of the possible consequences. Imagine she needed to cancel her tours because she had no voice. After her surgery, the doctors warned her about her smoking, ending her career.

Why Did Adele Quit Smoking? Is she still smoking?
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According to the singer in one interview, she would have died if she carried on with that habit. She wouldn’t be proud of herself dying from a smoking-related illness, per se a lung cancer.

How Quitting Smoke Affected Adele?

According to the vocal powerhouse, her voice becomes weaker after quitting smoking. In another interview, the famous singer told the public that she noticed some detrimental effects of kicking smoking on her voice. She even claimed that those with the best voice smoke often.

The British singer is very convinced that it has made her voice weaker. She missed doing it, but her finger turning orange is not something she will ever miss.

Is Adele Smoking Again?

Earlier, we told you that Adele was forced to quit smoking to get surgery. However, her smoking again has become a hot rumor when the artist has been spotted holding a cigarette.

Is Adele Smoking Again? Let's know about present situation.
Adele By Niko Transmission
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This is after her pal posted a snap of her and her friends sitting on the street of London with the artist holding a cigarette. This is their celebratory photo round-up for 2020 to welcome the New Year.

It’s A Wrap!

Again, the songwriter had stopped smoking before, particularly in 2011, since she had to undergo an operation. But in some interviews, she has given hints that quitting smoking has affected her voice.

She is also spotted once holding a cigarette again. So, we never know about Adele’s smoking habits; will she quit smoking cigarettes in 2022? We’re open to hear directly from her!

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