Does Alice Eve Smoke in Real Life? Fact Revealed

Alice Eve who is an American-British actress played several roles in many blockbuster films. No wonder she has become successful earlier than most stars, it’s because acting is in her bloodline. Both her parents were well-known actors and actresses. 

Eve shares some of her personal information with the media for her fans, and some she keeps private. But do we know whether Alice Eve smokes in real life? 

Does Alice Eve Smoke in Real Life? Let's know the details.
Alice Eve Smoke by Gerald Geronimo licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Alice Eve doesn’t smoke in real life. She doesn’t even smoke in movies. The actress faked smoking in all smoking scenes. In just one specific clip she inhaled a cigarette for once and exhaled right away. She had to do this for her career. 

Do you want to know more about her smoking? Here we revealed the fact. 

Does Alice Eve Smoke? 

You may have seen Alice Eve smoking in her various films. Those scenes may have popped up this question into your head, “does Alice Eve smoke in real life?” 

There is no data on this. No verified sources have 100% news of whether Alice Eve is a smoker or not. But we believe Alice Eve doesn’t smoke in real life. Because the actress actually didn’t smoke in her movies. 

Does Alice Eve Smoke off screen? Let's see.
Alice Eve
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We checked many clips where she was acting to smoke. Eve was only keeping the cigarette in her mouth pretending to inhale it, however when she exhaled there was no smoke at all. 

Within so many clips there was only one where she really smoked once and exhaled instantly. Since she had to pretend to smoke in films while most actors and actresses smoked in real life, this clarifies that Alice Eve doesn’t smoke either in movies or in real life. 

Is Alice Eve a Chain Smoker? 

Alice Eve doesn’t smoke and it’s visible in her films. As she acts to smoke in movies, it’s clear she doesn’t smoke cigarettes in reality.

Since she is a non-smoker, there’s no chance for her to become a chain smoker. So, no Alice Eve is not a chain smoker. 

Final Words

Alice Eve is the daughter of actor Trevor and actress Sharon. Hence it’s understandable how she became a legendary actress.

She played various important roles in different hit movies like, Men in Black 3, She’s Out of My League, Star Trek Into Darkness, and more. 

Alice is so good at acting that she even acts like real smokers. Although it’s simple to discover the actress wasn’t smoking in any of the movies since the smoke was only coming out of the cigarettes. 

Each time she exhaled, no smoke was coming out of her mouth except for one particular scene where she inhaled and exhaled smoke within a few seconds.

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