Does BLACKPINK Lip Sync During Live Concert? Truth Revealed

BLACKPINK is the name of excitement, and when it’s a concert in your country, that is even more exciting. Fans want to see them performing with all their efforts. 

But do BLACKPINK members put enough effort into Live concerts? To understand that, we need to know whether BLACKPINK lip sync during live concerts

Does BLACKPINK Lip Sync During Live Concert? Let's find the truth.
BLACKPINK by RAS 99 Licensed under CC BY 3.0

Many followers claimed they saw the singer lip-syncing. It is also seen in some of their videos. We are about to analyze everything and reveal the truth. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

BLACKPINK Was Caught Lip Syncing in a Live Concert

Lip Syncing in Live concerts is a usual thing for singers. As they perform for hours and don’t get enough breaks, they start lip-syncing in some performances. Every singer did this in at least a few of their live concerts. 

BLACKPINK also did lip-syncing in many concerts. But it doesn’t mean they don’t sing from the beginning to the end. Rather it means they take a small break from singing while performing continuously. 

In a concert, Jennie was seen dancing only. Her mike was far away from her lips, and the song was still playing in the background. That tells me that BLACKPINK sometimes lips sync

BLACKPINK Don’t Lip Sync in Most of Their Concerts 

While the queens are seen lip-syncing in a few concerts, they also sing live loud and clear without lip-syncing. In one such concert, Jennie suddenly forgot her lines, so she stopped singing. No one sang her part, and she sang whichever lines she remembered. 

In another live concert, the music went off. Suddenly the singers blushed a little and got confused. But then they continued singing without music. Such concerts prove BLACKPINK members do not always lip sync


Did BLACKPINK lip sync? 

BLACKPINK was captured lip-syncing in a few live concerts. They didn’t sing continuously in several shows. 

Does BLACKPINK still sing? 

BLACKPINK is working on making its next album. YG has confirmed the news. The album’s name is ‘Born Pink.’ A song from the album was about to be released in August 2022 but didn’t get released as promised. 

Final Words

BLACKPINK is one of the internationally loved music bands. Rose, Jennie, Jisoo, and Lisa are all not only pretty but also hard-working.

No singer can continue singing on stage for 4,5 hours. Hence, every singer, including the BLACKPINK members, lip sync sometimes.

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