Does Cole Sprouse Smoke? Why He Shared a Photo With a Cigarette

Sprouse’s brother began acting before their first birthday. It was like they were born to be stars. Therefore, they both have huge well-wishers.

Is Cole Sprouse still smoking in 2022?
Cole Sprouse“by Gage Skidmore  under licensed CC BY-SA 2.0

Because of this, people love to keep themselves up-to-date about Cole’s and Dylan’s lives. Moreover, people react to any and everything that they do. 

Cole Sprouse’s break-up with Lili Reinhart isn’t the only disappointment for Cole’s fans. Fans also have an issue with Cole’s smoking habit.

That’s why people often ask this type of question; does Cole Sprouse smoke? Because fans are concerned about Cole’s health. 

Almost 480,000 people die yearly from smoking in the United States. Isn’t it scary? Every life is meaningful.

Therefore, Sprouse’s fans continuously wish that he would quit smoking but it seems nothing can stop the habit. It is one of Cole’s oldest practices, and he enjoys smoking. 

Cole received millions of requests from his fans regarding this issue but Sprouse never considered quitting the nasty habit.

Instead, he would post photographs on Instagram while holding cigarettes in his hand and smoking them.

Most of the fans took this negatively. They said Cole Sprouse is an idol to many young children and they learn from their hero. They thought that Cole was giving the wrong message to society. 

As we all know, the actions of celebrities have a significant influence on our community. People love to follow what their favorite stars do.

Whenever Cole posts a picture with a cigarette, his fans never appreciate it. So instead, they give some excellent advice and try to teach Sprouse how dangerous cigarettes can be for his body.  

Why Doesn’t Cole Sprouse Consider Quitting Smoking?  

Now it is high time for the Riverdale star to abandon smoking permanently. He is destroying himself and the people around him. He has family, friends, a girlfriendand a massive fanbase.

Fans are complaining regarding Cole Sprouse's social media posts. That he often posts on social media with a cigarette.
Cole Sprouse“by Gage Skidmore under licensed CC BY-SA 3.0

Therefore, he should give a second thought to changing this habit. Some people think that Cole might be fond of smoking and may see it as a ‘cool thing’ which we all know is not true. Or, perhaps he tried to quit smoking, but he just wasn’t able to do so,

The 28-year-old actor has a long life ahead. If he doesn’t make a favorable decision soon it may end up affecting his health in the long term.

And that would be heartbreaking news for Cole’s fans. Usually, he ignores his fan’s social media comments. Sometimes he comes up with a weird reply.

How Cole Responds To Fan’s Comments about Quitting This Killer Habit:  

It’s pretty disappointing that Cole does not take his fan’s requests seriously. He should stop smoking and live a healthier life.

Instead of understanding fans’ emotions, Sprouse posts photos with quotes like, “there is no doubt that cigarettes did indeed have a certain glamour in Hollywood, if only by association with the stars”.

He has more than 35.8M followers on Instagram. Therefore, he needs to understand the impact of this quote on the teenagers who follow him.

The number of smokers increases dramatically over time. According to the CDS, almost 4.7M high school students use tobacco products.

Cole Sprouse faced a lot of controversy for his smoking habit. Is he still smoking and posting images with cigarettes?
Cole Sprouse“by Gage Skidmore under licensed CC BY-SA 2.0

Moreover, 1700 new kids start smoking every single day. This is how our next generation is growing up. To prevent this problem, we expect to see more maturity from celebs like Cole Sprouse.   

Does Cole Sprouse Realize Smoking is Harmful? 

Cole wrote something in 2019 that defined the breakneck reaction about smoking. He wrote, “Smoking is bad for you, and I make sure I cough next to anybody that does it just to remind them”. His quote had a significant impact on his followers.

Finally, they have started to believe that Sprouse might finally realize the dark side of smoking cigarettes. If he understands this, it would be good for him and our society as well.

One more thing, when other people value you, you have a responsibility to drive your community in the right direction.  


our and Cole’s fan’s request that if he can’t quit smoking, he should at least stop posting it on social media.

Cole Sprouse does smoke, but he should refrain from promoting it on Instagram. He can show off his coolness in many other ways.

It’s so unnecessary to post a photo with a cigarette in his mouth. When we get a chance to connect with him, we’ll ask about this.

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