Does Florence Pugh Still Smoke in 2022? Let's Know The Truth 

Florence Pugh took a short time to gain fame. She gave us many super hit movies. Her natural acting and cute round face can make any man fall for her and get interested in her life. 

So, Pugh’s fans have so many questions about her. One question her followers ask that seems no one should have business with is, “does Florence Pugh still smoke in 2022?” 

Does Florence Pugh Still Smoke in 2022? Let's see.
Florence Pugh by Gage Skidmore licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Florence Pugh, who is an English actress, smokes. She smoked in many movies in the past, and the news says she still smokes in 2022 occasionally. Here’s more you should know about the actress’s smoking habit. 

Is Florence Pugh a Smoker? 

Florence Pugh is a smoker. She often smokes, and so she is seen smoking in different films. Although no verified sources can tell us when she began to smoke, speculations say she may have smoked from her teenage years. [Source: Youtube]

It’s because most celebrities have this one thing in common. They became smokers in their teen years. Hence, the chances are pretty high that Florence Pugh has been a smoker since her teenhood. 

Is Florence Pugh a Chain Smoker 

Florence Pugh doesn’t seem to be a chain smoker. She is rarely seen smoking. Even when she was caught holding hands with his old age ex Braff, the Little Women actress wasn’t smoking. 

She does smoke but not like a chain smoker. Because if she were, there would be many photos of her smoking at her shooting spots. So when does Florence Pugh smoke? 

Is Florence Pugh a Chain Smoker or she quit smoking?
Florence Pugh by greg2600 licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

She occasionally smokes at parties or when she has work stress, etc. This piece of news may not be a fact because we believe she occasionally smokes after checking speculations, facts and people’s opinions. 

Final Words

Whether Florence Pugh smokes or not, that should not be a business to others. Still, her fans often ask “does Florence Pugh smoke?” Well, yes, she does.

But no one knows the exact time she had her first cigarette. Florence Pugh doesn’t like sharing her personal life with fans, so there is no firm evidence of her smoking every day.

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