Does Jharrel Jerome Speak Spanish? What's His Ethnicity?

Jharrel Jerome, who is an American rapper and actor, made several hot films and presented many energetic raps to his supporters. The actor can play versatile roles well. He was even awarded an Emmy award. 

After winning his Emmy, the singer came online and spoke in Spanish. Since then, his followers have been eager to learn if Jharrel Jerome can speak Spanish. What’s his ethnicity? 

Jharrel Jerome by Greg2600 licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Jerome is a descendant of the Dominican Republic. They are generally American by birth, but their ancestors are different. Jharrel Jerome’s real ethnicity is Afro-Latino. Here’s more about him you need to check. 

Does Jharrel Jerome Speak Spanish Fluently? 

Jharrel Jerome can speak Spanish. But is he fluent in this language? Yes, Jharrel Jerome can fluently speak in Spain. It’s not because he was born in Spain, but it’s because he belongs of Dominican descent.

People from the Dominican Republic are those who are born American, but their ancestors are from various European countries. 

What is Jharrel Jerome’s Ethnicity? 

Jharrel Jerome’s birthplace is New York City, United States. His nationality is American. But what is the rapper’s ethnicity? 

Jharrel Jerome by Greg2600 licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Jharrel is of Dominican descent, and so Jharrel Jerome’s ethnicity is Afro-Latino

. This is why he can speak in both languages English and Spanish. 

Final Words

Jharrel Jerome won an Emmy award for his acting skills in Moonlight. On that day, he gave a speech and added some Spanish to it.

Since that day, it’s been a dominating question online, does Jharrel Jerome Speak Spanish? Of course, he can. So is his ethnicity Spanish? No, his ethnicity is Afro-Latino. 

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