Does Lily Collins Have a Smoking Habit in Real Life?

Usually, most stars have a habit in common, and that is smoking. Since smoking injures health, people worry about their beloved celebrities’ well-being. Things are even more sensitive when we are talking about Lily Collins. 

Collins had a scary disorder when she was younger. She suffered from Anorexia, an eating disorder that makes people hate eating and obsessed with losing weight. If this is not treated in time, it may make someone die. Fortunately, she is no longer sick and eats healthy food.

Lily Collins smoking rumor revealed.
Lily Collins by Gage Skidmore licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

But it seems the actress has another bad habit. Does Lily Collins have a smoking habit in real life? It seems yes, Lily Collins has a smoking habit in real life. Her smoking in different films shows us she knows pretty well how to smoke like a regular smoker. 

So, is she a chain smoker? Or does she smoke cigarettes on occasion and at parties only? Continue reading to get all the answers and see how Lily Collins smokes.

Does Lily Collins Smoke in Real Life? 

Lily Collins is known for many other things besides her acting. For example, she was a matter of discussion for an extended period for having an eating disorder in the past.

She luckily overcame it. Another reason for her to be a topic is her smoking Habit. It may sound shocking, but Lily Collins does smoke. 

There is not enough information on when she began smoking or how many cigarettes she smokes a day. But her way of smoking hints that she might smoke 1 or 2 cigarettes a day or smoke occasionally. 

There is no real clip of a picture of Lily smoking in real life, but it’s super easy to tell that she smokes cigarettes often by looking at some clips where she smokes like a regular smoker. 

If she weren’t a real smoker, she couldn’t have done those clips that simply. Because non-smoker actress Alice Eve also did smoking scenes, she didn’t inhale or exhale smoke, but Collins did every time. Here are some clips where Lily Collins is smoking like an actual smoker. 

Is Lily Collins a Chain Smoker? 

Since, understandably, the actress is a smoker, the question will naturally come to your mind “is Lily Collins a chain smoker?” We are not sure about it. The way she smoked in various films, it seems she is most probably an occasional smoker. 

However, we can’t confirm this. She can also be a chain smoker. But without her verification, we need to believe that the actress occasionally smokes. 

Is Lily Collins a Chain Smoker? Let's see.
Lily Collins by Mr_Dume licensed under CC BY 3.0

Also, after her recovery from an eating disorder, she is trying her best to keep herself healthy, which hints that she may not make herself a chain smoker as it will damage the body internally. Hence, we think Lily Collins is not a chain smoker. 

Final Words 

The Emily in Paris famous actress Collins has been a beloved artist to her fans. Her followers are worried about her health, so they try to keep themselves updated with news relating to her well-being. 

Lily Collins is fine, healthy, and confident after conquering her eating disorder called Anorexia. But that’s not the only thing that can harm her. Most actresses have smoking habits, so Lily’s fans want to know if Lily Collins has a smoking habit too. 

It seems she does since she smoked in different scenes, as if she also smokes in real life. But we also believe she isn’t a chain smoker, so this habit may not harm her much.

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