Does Nicki Minaj Have Hair? Learn the Truth

Onika Tanya Maraj, or Nicki Minaj as we know her, is a world-class hip-hop star. From songwriting to rapping and acting, the 39-year-old Nicki has multiple talents. She is also a fashion role model for many young girls.

One of her highlighted fashion statements is her vibing wigs. Nicki Minaj is also called the Queen of Wigs in the entertainment industry. We are not talking about natural hair wigs that the Kardashian sisters wear, but more colorful and uncommon wigs. 

Does Nicki Minaj Have Hair? What's the color of her hair?
Nicki Minaj by Rory licensed under CC BY 2.0

If you are a fan, you would know Nicki likes to rock red, bubblegum pink, and blue wigs often. But does Nicki Minaj have hair of her own? We will learn in this blog whether the hip-hop star has her natural hair underneath the wigs or if it’s just a bald scalp!

Does Nicki Minaj Have Hair? 

Whenever we see Nicki Minaj in any public appearance, she has an exquisite wig on. She seems to rock it all, from fluorescent yellow to neon greens, hot red, and bubblegum pink. The Super Bass singer’s fans are obsessed with her wig looks, too, and we have seen many recreations.

Many celebrities take note and also try to pull off colorful wigs. However, her fans are yet to know about her natural hair. The Trinidadian-born rapper does have natural hair beneath her wigs! Maybe she is uncomfortable showing off her natural hair, or she just loves wearing wigs. 

What is Nicki Minaj’s Natural Hair Like?

Nicki posted a picture on her Instagram last November that showed off her natural hair. Her hair represents who she is along with her heritage which is Trinidadian.

She asked for her fan’s raw opinion as she wanted to perm her natural hair. As a result, many commented that her natural hair looks bomb and extremely beautiful, and said Nicki should not perm her hair.

Moreover, the rapper also has her real-life documentaries revealing the true and unfiltered version of herself, including her natural hair.

Final Thoughts

So, what do you think of Nicki Minaj’s natural hair? Isn’t she so bold to pull off such uncanny wigs?

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