Don Lemon Boyfriend 2021| Who’s Don Lemon Dating Partner

For several, the appearance of Don Lemon engenders feelings of safety and service on several nights on CNN Tonight, and it is awkward to reveal the truth.

For others, the expert journalist describes the opponent of a power that should not question, a president who wants to control as the king; his nighttime performance as a blaspheme against it.

Who's Don Lemon Boyfriend? Who's his dating partner?
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In both cases, Lemon’s representation is one with which virtually no American is unknown. 

Don lemon and dating partner Tim Malone are considerably too diligent in traveling, admire their dogs, and apprehend it all for Instagram and Twitter.

In 2016. Don Lemon and his boyfriend met Tim Maloney in New York City and started dating. However, they were dating each other before they went public with their relationship in April 2017

In 2018 New Year Eve broadcasting, they shared kisses publicly. They revealed that Don’s lemon boyfriend is Tim Malone, and they are dating each other.

Don Lemon’s Boyfriend 

Whenever Don lemon revealed his secret publicly, then he declared about his boyfriend, Melone. They both started dating each other.

Don Lemon and Malone were gone for vacation with their dog, and while they were here, he co-parents with Lemon. 

Don Lemon and Tim Malone travel with their dogs. In a picture of Don lemon and Malone is having their dogs on a Bahamian beach, Lemon hashtags.

The names are Barkley and Boomer Malemon, connecting him and his boyfriend’s surnames.

Don Lemon is 54, and Malone is 36; they became engaged last year after three years of dating.

They also reveal their relationship in social media following; the pair has not been bashful about sharing their relation.

Malone is a native New Yorker. In 2002 he graduated from Southampton High School through his LinkedIn. After the finish of graduation, he considered journalism at Boston College.

Although he works in real estate today, Malone seems to have once shared his boyfriend’s affection for journalism.

In 2006, After he graduated from Boston College with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and history, he began the world of sales and marketing, conforming to his LinkedIn.

Certainly, Malone, who spent three years brokering label parties at Billboard after seven years at NBC, appears to have passed since Tim finished his degree. Today, he serves as a real estate representative. 

In 2018, they received the new year with an on-air kiss. Tim is kissing his boyfriend, whom he met last year, in an identical bar.

A supporter of the CNN owner and real estate representative query their chemistry; they do not need to look further than their open welcome of 2018’s new year.

CNN’s live telecast shows Lemon and Malone giving a quick, familiar kiss and was sent pinging through the social media province.

Who’s Don Lemon Dating Partner

There were rumors that Don lemon secretly married

the American actress Ortiz. In 2011 he revealed his personal life that his neighbor sexually abused him, and he is also gay.

After that, he declares about his dating partner Tim Melone. They have been dating each other since 2017. In 2018 they went public with their relationship.

Where did Tim and Don meet?

Tim and Don met together in New York City and started dating.  Around April 2017, they first declared public with their relationship when Malone appeared on Lemon’s Instagram.

Tim and Don shared a kiss on live TV through CNN’s New Year’s Eve broadcast in 2018 as they played at the identified Cat in New Orleans.

In April 2019, the couple got engaged as Malone proposed to Lemon by protruding the issue on their dog’s recognition tag on his outfits.


However, the couple doesn’t appear to have set a date for the great day yet. In an April 2019 interview, Lemon said, The opinion I get from most people is that Don’t become preoccupied with the ceremony or marriage planning.

After that, he answered to enjoy this consequence of happiness. And then whenever they get married, they get married. So, Tim Melone is still Don Lemon’s boyfriend, and they are dating each other.

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