Dua Lipa Net Worth 2022| How Rich Is Dua Lipa In 2022?

Dua Lipa ranks number 2 among the most-played artists worldwide in the recent update. According to one source, she is following Ed Sheeran with a difference of only 100,00 plays. Recently, the singer also won the BRIT awards. She received the R&B/pop Act award.

What's Dua Lipa Net Worth? How rich is she?
Dua Lipa by Justin Higuchi licensed under CC BY 2.0

With that, many have been wondering about Dua Lipa’s net worth in 2022. So in this post, we decided to focus on that. Furthermore, we will include how much she earns and how she spends her money.

Keep reading to know how rich Dua Lipa 2022.

Dua Lipa Net Worth 2022

The Times estimated that the New Rules singer’s net worth is about 36 million pounds in 2022. But this is lower than what was previously reported by The Sun in 2021, in which the recording artist’s net worth amounted to 47.2 million pounds.

How Rich Is Dua Lipa In 2022?

It is no longer a surprise that a considerable portion of her fortune came from her music sales. But other than that, she has a total asset of about 28 million pounds.

How Rich Is Dua Lipa In 2022? How much net worth she have?
Dua Lipa by Justin Higuchi licensed under CC BY 2.0

The pop star has become very successful due to her single entitled Levitating, which became top music in the United States in 2021.

Consequently, her album entitled Future Nostalgia was the best-selling record in the United Kingdom in 2020. That meant so much money!

How Much Does Dues Lipa Earn?

The yearly earnings of the famous music artist are estimated to be at 7.55 million dollars. Her YouTube channel has over 4.2 million views per day. For every one thousand views of the video, a YouTuber can earn about 3 up to 7 dollars.

If we use this to estimate, then the international singing sensation is probably earning about 503 thousand dollars per month. This equates to 7.55 million dollars every year.

Nonetheless, this estimate is low. The pop singer can earn close to 13.6 million dollars per year. Furthermore, it is also plausible for the pop singer to have other revenue sources.

How Much Does Dues Lipa Earn? What are her income sources?
Dua Lipa by Daniel Åhs Karlsson licensed under CC BY 3.0

Some of those may include speaking gigs, product sales, affiliate commissions, and sponsorships. All of that can generate more revenue as compared to YouTube ads.

How Dua Lipa Spend Her Money?

With such fortune, you may also wonder how she spends her millions. Well, she has invested in a luxurious house in London.

She also has a horde of luxury cars. Other than that, the singer has spent so much on her exquisite designer clothes and expensive manicures.

Much more, the singer supports charity organizations. The British singer has not forgotten to give back to the community despite her lavish lifestyle. She helps those who are in need.

Mainly, the international music artist is assisting the Kosovo community as well as the underprivileged people in London. Those two places are special to her because she used to live in those places.

It’s A Wrap!

After finding out Dua Lipa net worth 2022, you sure have realized how rich she is. The famous singer has been an inspiration for many young artists who want to succeed in the entertainment industry. Plus, many of her fans see her elegant way of life as a fascinating phenomenon.

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