How Old and tall Is Emma Chamberlain? His Parents, Siblings' Details

We know Emma Chamberlain as the personality on YouTube with billions of views in each of her videos. But other than her success on YouTube, she is also a renowned podcaster.

Her podcast is known as Anything Goes. Other than that, she is also an entrepreneur. She owns a coffee company.

The most loved aspect of the star is her personality, and it is a crucial part of her branding. The viewers can relate to her, especially the teenagers.

Emma Chamberlain age, height, parents and siblings details.
Emma Chamberlain by john licensed under CC BY 2.0

Right now, however, she decided to stop uploading videos on her channel. It has been a few months since she did this, and her fans missed her so much.

If you also miss her as much as we do, you can entertain yourself with this write-up for now. Today, we will tell you how old and tall is Emma Chamberlain? His parents’ and siblings’ details will also be explained later in this post. Keep reading!

How Old Is Emma Chamberlain?

The YouTube Star was born on May 22, 2001. Emma Chamberlain’s age is 20 years old. You may also be curious how old was Emma Chamberlain when she started YouTube.

Well, she posted her first video in 2017. She was only 16 years old back then. It was a lookbook. She was showing her city-themed outfits.

How Tall Is Emma Chamberlain?

The YouTube star stands 5 feet and 4 inches tall. This is equivalent to 162 centimeters. Although the singer often calls herself short in most of her videos, her height falls on the average women’s height in the United States.

How tall is Emma Chamberlain? Let's know about her height.
Emma Chamberlain by John Park licensed under CC BY 3.0

But when she mentioned her height, many fans were surprised. Most of them thought that she was actually taller.

Who Are Emma Chamberlain’s Parents?

Her mother’s name was not even shared by the girl in her videos. But she posted a snap with her on Twitter a few years ago.

Other than nothing, much was known about her. We knew that she had been married to her dad, Michael Chamberlain, but they got divorced when the star was young.

But she is supportive of the star. The vlogger even shared with her fans how important it is for her to spend time with her mom. This is her way of recharging her batteries.

However, we get the impression that the YouTube star is closer to her dad. He even appeared in some of her videos. There are also more photos of him on Instagram than her mother. Michael is an artist. Selling oil paintings is his source of living.

He also taught his girl to appreciate the beauty and understand the greatness of music. Just like the star,

her father is also a vegan.

Who are Emma Chamberlain parents and siblings.
Emma Chamberlain by VOGUE Taiwan licensed under CC BY 3.0

We guess it’s because she followed in his father’s footsteps that is why she started that kind of lifestyle. You can see on her channel that she uploads some videos of vegan food recipes.

The parents of the YouTuber were not wealthy. They used to struggle financially, so the girl also gets used to having that kind of life – with insufficient money. But right now, she is delighted since she can buy whatever she likes.

Who Are Emma Chamberlain’s Siblings?

You know that her parents divorced when she was young. She was only five years old when it happened, and the star was the only child before the divorce occurred.

So we guess she has no siblings unless she has unknown half-siblings. But now news about so, there might be none.

It’s A Wrap!

Hopefully, this post on how old and tall Emma Chamberlain and his parents and siblings’ details have eased your longing for her. Let us have faith that sooner or later, she will be back on YouTube.

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