Is Elena Moussa Greg Gutfeld's Wife? Everything About Elena Moussa

Both Greg Gutfeld and Elena Moussa are famous worldwide. While Gutfeld is popular as the news anchor of Fox News, Moussa is well known for her fashion designs and modeling skills. Have you heard any news that these two celebrities are partners of one another?

Who Greg Gutfeld's Wife? Is he married to Elena Moussa? Let's know about Elena Moussa.
Greg Gutfeld by Gage Skidmore licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

You’ve heard it right. Elena Moussa is Greg Gutfeld’s wife. The two were lovely a couple in 2004 and dated for five months before tying the knot. The couple is still together, and there’s no issue in their marriage or love life. Want to know his wife better? Here’s everything you need to know about Elena Moussa. 

Is Elena Moussa Greg Gutfeld’s Wife? 

Elena Moussa is a supermodel and prominent fashion designer born in Russia but raised in London. In 2004 she worked for the same company Maxim UK where her husband Greg Gutfeld joined as an editor-in-chief. 

Earlier, she didn’t pay much attention to Gutfeld, but when the model understood he was in profound love with Moussa, the fashion designer couldn’t stop herself from falling in love in return.

The duo dated for only five months and married the same year they started their relationship. Elena Moussa and Greg Gutfeld married in New York City, United States, in 2004. 

The Fox News anchor and Russian supermodel are still married and have been living together in New York City at Greg’s residence since 2018. They haven’t become parents yet. 

Elena Moussa’s Details

Elena Moussa is a Russian by birth. Her family welcomed her on 26th August 1982. She had to move to London, United Kingdom, with her entire family when she was just a child. She used to dream of being a fashion designer before becoming one. 

Elena came from a middle-class family, which means she struggled a lot in her earlier life, which helped her achieve success sooner. She opened a fashion brand named Moussa Project. Here you will find designs by Elena Moussa. 

Elena Moussa’s Parents

Elena is globally known by those who are interested in fashion design. Her name is considered a legendary word in this sector. Hence there should be all possible data about her. 

Unfortunately, the media has less information about her, including her parents. She didn’t let the media know who her father and mother were and what occupations were. 

Elena Moussa’s Siblings

Elena and siblings. She is a woman as famous as Victoria Moussa. Her sister has a child called Bavaria Medina, who you will often see on Elena’s official social accounts.

Victoria, however, is known as her sister of Elena and likes to keep herself away from the limelight. 

Elena Moussa’s Nationality and Ethnicity 

This beautiful model was born in Russia, so her nationality and ethnicity are Russian. 

Elena Moussa’s Religion 

Elena Moussa may seem like a usual Christian. However, it’s not known from which religious background she is. The entrepreneur kept her religious details under wraps. 

But her husband presented him as an agnostic atheist on many occasions. Although he was raised as a Roman Catholic, he seems to have chosen to be an atheist. This can hint that none of them has faith in any religion. 

Elena Moussa’s Educational Background

Since Moussa came to London when she was a child, the fashion designer had her education finished in the United Kingdom.

She later went to New York City, United States, and applied to the ‘Fashion Institute of Technology to pursue her dreams of becoming a fashion designer. 

She received her undergraduate certificate from the institute. She then took a short break and worked in the fashion field.

Elena decided to increase her knowledge of this, so she enrolled in New York City’s Parsons School of Design in 2015. She prospered there and began fashion apparel design. 

Elena Moussa’s Weight, Height, and Measurements

Elena Moussa is slim and fit. Her weight is only 55 kg. She is not only a fashion designer but also a model. That tells us she is tall enough, and yes, the Russian model is 5 feet 10 inches. 

She is even 5 inches taller than her husband, Greg Gutfeld. Moussa’s measurements are 32-24-35. Such measures, height, and weight is the reason why she appears to be an attractive model. 

We also must mention another eye-catchy attribute of hers, which is that she has brown eyes. Those eyes add more charm to her overall beauty. 

Final Words

Like popular actors and singers, famous models and fashion designers also have serious fans. Elena Moussa is, of course, one such well-known personality. 

While she kept most of her information private, we dug into this essential data to share with those who want to learn about her as much as they can. These were everything we know about Greg Gutfeld’s wife, Elena Moussa.

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