A Close Look At Finneas O'Connell Educational Background

About 3 percent of students are homeschooled. Commonly, kids are homeschooled by their parents due to the concern over the environment at school. This includes safety, peer pressure, and drugs.

Do you know that among those homeschooled students are famous celebrities such as Finned O’Connell and her sister? What could be why their parents resort to homeschooling instead of traditional education learning.

All you need to know about Finneas O'Connell Educational Background.
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Let us take a close look at Finneas O’Connell’s educational background. Keep reading until the end.

Who Is Finneas O’Connell?

Finneas O’Connell, commonly known as FINNEAS, is a singer, actor, record producer, and songwriter.

The American artist was raised in Los Angeles. He started producing and writing songs when he was only 12 years old. The artist is also recognized as Alistair. This was his role in a series entitled Glee.

He was born to Maggie Baird and Patrick O’Connell. His mother is an actress. The recording artist has mainly Scottish and Irish ancestry. You undoubtedly know who his sister is. It’s Billie Eilish. They are co-writing songs that he produces.

Furthermore, the award-winning celebrity is the songwriter and lead singer of the band The Slightly. The band has won competitions and awards in Los Angeles.

Finneas O’Connell Education

In an interview, Billie Eilish

and his brother revealed that they have never gone to school. They are both homeschooled growing up. Last summer, the siblings told Pitchfork – a music magazine, about their views on K-12 education. For them, this is equivalent to forcing a child to eat veggies.

The singer said that he learned math while helping his mom cooking and learned to build something with his dad. In other words, they know everything in life at home.

Did Finneas O'Connell pass college? Finneas O'Connell Education
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According to them, when a person is being told to sit down, and things are being shoved into their throat, you would not want to eat what’s given to them.

If you are a fan of Billie, you know that it’s her brother who produces and co-writes her songs. He is the main collaborator of the pop singer. Just like the music artist, his brother is homeschooled as well.

In an interview last 2014, the artist revealed that the movie entitled Life Inside Out was partially inspired by the songwriter’s childhood.

By the way, he appeared in that particular movie written by Maggie Baird, his mother. The famous celebrity also stated that through homeschooling, one’s individualism will be cultivated.

For him, homeschooling is about self-discovery. He had thrived and enjoyed being homeschooled. The award-winning songwriter further added that he was never a high schooler who usually based their self-worth on other people’s perceptions.

Why Did Their Parents Homeschool Them?

Why Did Finneas O'Connell and Billie Eilish Parents Homeschool Them?
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In an interview, the songwriter’s mother talked about the flexibility of homeschooling for both children and parents. Everyone is always doing something, organizing trips, attending classes, and traveling.

It is the same when you are in college. With homeschooling, you can choose to do what you love without a demanding academic schedule.

His father also revealed in the New York Times that they tried homeschooling their children because they were inspired by the experience of the band Hanson after they had read about it.

It’s A Wrap!

We just have taken a close look at Finneas O’Connell educational background. The things that the O’Connell family has stressed about homeschooling in different interviews were great insights.

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