Finneas O'Connell Girlfriend 2022| Is He Still Dating Claudia Sulewski?

You might be aware already that the bother of the famous singer Billie Eilish is partly behind all of her hit songs. Finneas is her co-writer, all-around collaborator, and producer.

For all his works, he has taken home eight Grammy awards. He also became well known to the entire world. 

Who's Finneas O'Connell Girlfriend and dating partner? is he still dating Claudia Sulewski? Who's Claudia Sulewski?
Finneas O’Connell By Toglenn Licensed Under CC BY-SA 4.0

With that being said, it is not new that many people are interested in knowing more about his private life. This includes his love life. Perhaps, that is why you are here because you are eager to find out who is Finneas O’Connell girlfriend 2022. Is he still dating Claudia Sulewski?

Find out the answers below! 

Who is Finneas dating?

The artist started dating Claudia Sulewski in 2018. Ever since, the two have been indivisible. They have been in a relationship for three years already. She is a social media star who started vlogging in 2010 when she was in middle school.

What Is Finneas O Connell Girlfriend Known For?

The songwriter’s girlfriend is an American Instagram and YouTube star renowned for her vlogs on YouTube. Her contents are all about lifestyle and beauty. She also made her debut in acting last 2014. Since then, she has starred in various television shows. 

The social media influencer has grown her social media platforms and channel with about 2.48 million YouTube subscribers and more than 2 million Instagram followers.

Her TikTok also has 799 thousand followers. Her YouTube channel includes home design, travel, fashion, and beauty. She has also been the official host on YouTube for Teen Vogue 2015. 

Her acting career has also been successful, with 10 roles she got to play since 2015. She also has a regular appearance in different series. The high-profile project she got is entitled I Love My Dad. This is still in set and production. It is expected to be released this 2022. 

How Did The Couple Meet? 

As mentioned earlier, the two started dating in 2018. In their podcast episode in 2020, entitled We Bought a House, they shared how they met via a dating app. Things have been quick between them. After four months of being in a relationship, the two then started to discuss living under the same roof. 

The social media star became the muse of the artist right away. Furthermore, he revealed that the song Claudia was written by him the day they met. The podcast’s title was inspired by the house where they moved into. That is an oceanfront cottage worth 5.2 million dollars located in Malibu. 

Is He Still Dating Claudia Sulewski?

Yes, the two are still together. Many fans are even asking them about marriage. But Finneas O’Connell girlfriend revealed that they wanted to take their relationship slow.

They revealed in their podcast that they moved into the same house, adopted a dog, and started hosting a podcast together.

However, there are no revelations yet about them tying the knots. But according to them, the small steps they are taking contribute to the growth of their relationship.

It’s A Wrap!

There you have it. You just get to know Finneas O’Connell girlfriend 2022. The relationship between the two has been getting stronger since they started dating in 2018.

They are another celebrity couple who met on a dating app, just like many of you might have met the love of your life. 

All the more, thank you for being with us today. Hopefully, you find this content interesting. If there is anything else you would like to know, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. 

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