Gwen Stefani's Age, Height, Husband, Kids, Parents, Siblings

One phenomenal voice and talent known in the music industry is Gwen Stefani. She also has appearances in various TV and reality shows.

Her career started when she was young. But her voice was above anyone else. At the start of her journey, the music icon is a member of a band she founded with her brother. 

a close look at Gwen Stefani's Age, Height, Husband, Kids, Parents, and Siblings.
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Aside from the albums, she released with the band, she also had a lot of solo albums. Her career was very successful, with numerous awards to her name.

But do you know the international artist well? If not, do not worry because we compiled all the details you might want to know about her. 

This post will discuss Gwen Stefani’s age, height, husband, kids, parents, siblings, and more. Keep reading!

Gwen Stefani Age

The famous singer was born on October 3, 1969. She was 52 years old. It was her brother who introduced her to music when she was young.

In 1986, Eric invited the superstar to be the band’s lead vocalist. As a solo artist, the legendary singer began to release her own albums in 2001. 

Gwen Stefani Height

The international recording artist is a tall woman of about 5 feet and 6 inches tall. This is equivalent to 267.6 cm.

She looks even taller on star due to her high heels. Her weight is also proportioned to her height. She weighs about 55 kg. This is about 121 pounds. 

What's Gwen Stefani Height? How tall is she?
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Who Are Gwen Stefani Kids?

The extraordinary star has three kids with her estranged husband. She gave birth to Kingston Rossdale, her firstborn, in May 2006.

After two years, the singer was blessed again with another baby whom she named Zuma Nesta. The next child did not come about until six years later. It was in August 2014 when she gave birth to Apollo Bowie.

You know that aside from being a rocks star, the music icon was also the mother of three boys. All of them are shared with her estranged husband, Gavin Rossdale. She is co-parenting her children with her ex-partner.

With the photos of the singer with her children, you can easily claim that she is cool as a mother. All her sons are pretty close to her, making up a squad. When Blake planned the engagement, he did not forget to include her voice. After all, he will be proposing to their mother.

Who Is Gwen Stefani’s Husband?

The famous superstar is keeping her personal life private. She has no social media account, so it can be hard to find out about her personal life, but her love life is an exception. For some reason, everyone is updated on this aspect.

Recently, she got engaged to Blake Shelton. They have dated for more or less five years before the engagement. The marriage takes place in Tishomingo, Oklahoma, last July.

Before her co-judge in The Voice, her husband was Gavin Rossdale. But their marriage ended up in a divorce.

Who Is Gwen Stefani's Husband? Is she engaged to Blake Shelton?
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Although it has not worked out for them, they keep things casual because they have kids, and the singer said that Gavin has been a good father to their children. But that’s it.

Who Are Gwen Stefani Parents?

The biological parents of the badass rockstar are Patti Flynn and Dennis Stefani. Her father is half Italian and half American. He used to work as a marketing executive at Yamaha.

Her mother, on the other hand, used to be an accountant. But she has to quit her job and become a full-time housewife.

Both of her parents are fans are into folk music. This is why she has been exposed to the tune of artists such as Emmylou Harris and Bob Dylan since she was a child.

Who Are Gwen Stefani Siblings?

The legendary music artist has two older siblings, including Eric and Todd. Unlike them, the youngest of the family wanted to maintain a low-profile life. But they never fail to support each other in whatever pursuit they enter into. 

When her older brother, Eric, formed a band named No Doubt, he made Gwen the backup singer. But when the lead singer died, his sister became the lead vocalist. Eric was not only a brother to the superstar, but he was also her teacher. The singer even claimed that she owes a lot to him. 

It’s A Wrap!

With all the details above about Gwen Stefani’s age, height, husband, kids, parents, siblings, and more, you are one step closer to the artist’s personal life.

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