Halsey’s Boyfriend 2022| Who is Halsey Dating?

As an American Pop Singer who was born in the name of Ashley Frangipane but though notable and better known by her stage name Halsey, her first name was an anagram.

She has initiated exceptional singles titled Hurricane, Ghost, and New Americana. The pop singer herself as the Winona Ryder of the rap contest. The fans and followers are always hooking up on Halsey’s boyfriend.

Who's Halsey’s Boyfriend and dating partner in 2022? Is she single or dating anyone?
Halsey by Justin Higuchi licensed under CC BY 2.0

However, earlier in January, the artist oriented Aydin to her die-hard fanciers when she disclosed her first baby boy’s face via Instagram.

They both started as friends, and it’s unclear when the couple’s turned their relationship romantic. So, people are more curious to know Halsey’s boyfriend and dating partner.

Ashley Frangipane As Halsey Relationship Statistics

Dating in present Alev Aydin (2020–present)
Most Prolonged Relationship2 years approx with G-Eazy

Who Is Halsey’s Boyfriend?

From 2020 until the present, Halsey has been dating her boyfriend, Alev Aydin. The Pop artist is a mother now, and yes, it is so genuine and fantastic for the fans out there.

Eventually, she utilized Instagram in January to mention her love life. Halsey tagged her boyfriend in that post and noted the pics as pregnancy appeared from their love life bond.

Hence, naturally, the post made her fans and followers curious about Halsey’s boyfriend, who is Halsey dating. 

Well, the fortunate man is Alev Aydin. She tagged her boyfriend on the post and gave the fans a more major hint.

Halsey And Alev Aydin In Relationship (2022)

A Turkish writer, producer, and actor, who belongs to Turkish but has done few projects, is Alev Aydin. However, he is not as renowned as Hasley.

Halsey And Alev Aydin In Relationship Timeline in 2022.
Haley by Justin Higuchi licensed under CC BY 2.0

Hence, there is relatively empty information on the internet for Alev Aydin as he isn’t a celebrity. Though the Turkish songwriter is not entirely enthusiastic on social media, he posts on his Instagram ID.

The couple had been dating together for months, but recently, they disclosed their relationship while they were relatively traditional about it.

Halsey and Aydin blessed the cute couple. The pair bond is suitable and sufficient to imprint identical tattoos on their bodies.

Halsey Past Dating and Relationship

There was rumored about Halsey that she was in 9 relationships that were not so long in the past. Among them, in 2018, the very romantic and dazzling relationship was with Machine Gun Kelly. Halsey completed a partnership with this guy and arrived together in an Album.

In January 2019, the pop singer was with Yungblud, but in October 2019, they broke up. People supposed or desired that Yungblud cheated Halsey, but she twittered somebody broke up and moved on. So cheating is consistently not a reason for the identical. 

Halsey Past Dating and Relationship details with Yungblud.
Yungblud by Stefan Brending (2eight) licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

A British rocker, Yungblud and Halsey stayed friends though not soulmates.

After that, in October 2019, Halsey was spotted with Evan Peters, and they both walked on the red carpet with each other. Throughout the events, the couple was tight. However, after some time, they broke up, even though after carried their love life on fire.

Final Verdict

Therefore, we can state that as of 2022, Halsey is in a relationship with her boyfriend. Hence, she becomes pregnant, gave birth to a baby boy becomes a mother through her boyfriend, Alev. 

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