Halsey Net Worth 2022| How Rich Is The American Singer?

The famous American singer Halsey was only 14 years old when they started writing songs and making music.

While she went to college, the recording artist started to post song covers on her YouTube channel, which has gained online traction. Her fan base grew even bigger when she released an original composition on SoundCloud. 

Halsey Net Worth in 2022. How rich is she in 2022
Halsey by Justin Higuchi licensed under CC BY 2.0

Since she signed with Capitol Records and Astralwerks, the music artist has released 24 singles and 4 studio albums. This has made her a renowned music figure globally.

Aside from her success in music, she is also a brand collaborator and businesswoman. With this, you might be curious about how rich is the American singer. 

You know what to do. Scroll down to know Halsey net worth 2022. 

How Much Is Halsey Worth?

At a very young age, the American singer has a staggering net worth amounting to 20 million dollars.

This is mainly due to her successful music career, which started when the music artist was 17 years old. She has been making music and writing song ever since.

Haley Income

Most of Halsey net worth comes from her endorsement, shows, concerts, and album sales. Her 3rd album named, Manic

, which was released in 2020, has been her most successful album, with more the one million sales and six billion streams. That particular album has contributed about 1.6 million dollars to her current net worth.

But the most significant revenue of the recording artist was earned in 2017. She has added about 2 million dollars to her net worth. Her songs have over 25 million streams globally.

What are Haley's Income sources?
Haley by Justin Higuchi licensed under CC BY 2.0

She has also sold not less than 11 million albums across the world. This has been the primary reason behind her staggering net worth.

The international singing sensation also tours at least once a year after releasing an album. She can make a significant amount of money through this since she can sell out the whole arena every tour.

How Rich Is The American Singer?

To answer this question, let us look at the houses and cars owned by the music artist. 


In 2020, the singer acquired a house in Calabas worth 10.2 million dollars. There has been gossip about this house being haunted, but it does not stop the artist from purchasing it. The property covers 9,700 sq. ft and 5 land acres. It has five bathrooms and bedrooms.

How Rich Is The American Singer Halsey? Let's know about her net worth.
Halsey by Justin Higuchi licensed under CC BY 2.0

The mansion also has a family kitchen, home theater, library, and wine cellar. It has a Spanish design with the tough of wrought iron, and the floors are made of dark hardwood. Her lavish house also has a swimming pool that features a built-in spa.


We have not grasped much information about this when it comes to her cars. But the music artist revealed back in 2017 that the first car she owned was a jeep. She said that songwriting often takes place inside her jeep.

It’s A Wrap!

Since you have made it this far, you have been informed that Halsey net worth 2022 is around 20 million dollars. That massive amount of net worth mostly comes from her music career.

Hopefully, we will provide sufficient information about your curiosity about the wealth of the famous music icon.

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