What’s Harry Styles' Blood Type? Is He B Positive?

We all know that his exceptional talent in singing and gorgeous looks are coursing through Harry Styles’ veins. But does anyone know his actual blood type?

We’re… well, asking for a friend. Besides, it would be nice to know that just in case he needs blood transfusion – we’re ready to go pale for Mr. Styles!

Harry Styles' Blood Type, what's Harry Styles' Blood Type?
Harry Styles by rebeccascolley Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Kidding aside, it’s undeniable that his relentless fans want to know every single thing about the ex-One Direction heartthrob. Hence, if you want to know Harry Styles’ blood type, read until the end!

Is Harry Styles Really B+?

Several reports have shown that Harry Styles has a B+ blood type. This now begs the question: how in the world did they know that? Did they personally ask for this information when they came across Harry Styles? Wouldn’t that be a strange and creepy question to ask somebody?

The truth is, nobody knows Harry Styles blood type. Although, some fans strongly believe that they’ve accurately identified their idol’s blood type.

In fact, there’s even a flashcard created that lists every One Direction members’ alleged blood type. Still, there’s no evidence to confirm that their claims are legitimate. We don’t even know how they came up with that conclusion in the first place. 

The only possible explanation for their questionable claims is that someone who did Harry Styles’ blood work leaked his information. Still, it’s farfetched, considering how it’s against the law to do it and nobody would probably dare to put their profession on the line for an artist’s blood type, right?

Is Harry Styles' B positive? Let's know about his blood group?
Harry Styles by Lovclyhes Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Unless Harry reveals his blood type to the world, we can never know for sure whether or not he’s B+. 

Someone Else Might Have Harry Styles’ Blood

No, we don’t mean that a psychopath is hiding with a bag of Harry Styles’ blood. What we meant is that someone might have received a life-saving blood donation from Harry Styles.

Although this is yet to be confirmed, this sounds more probable considering that her sister, Gemma Styles, is a strong advocate of blood donation. Moreover, Styles himself has engaged in numerous philanthropic endeavors:

  • He grew his hair and donated it to cancer patients
  • Raised over $2million for Red Nose Day together with his 1D bandmates
  • Donated an undisclosed amount of money to the victims of the Beirut explosion
  • A portion of the sales he made from his Treat People With Kindness merchandise will be donated to charity
  • Raised and donated $1.2million to over 60 different charities worldwide

Harry Isn’t Scared Of Blood

Let's know about Harry Styles' Blood Type? Is Harry Styles' B positive?
Harry Styles by Kurt Kulac
Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

While he was recording for his second solo album, Fine Line, Harry accidentally bit the tip of his tongue off. He had to record the rest of the songs with blood dripping down his mouth. Well, that’s the closest we’ll ever get to Harry Styles being a bloodthirsty vampire.

Moreover, Harry will be featured in a thriller movie called Don’t Worry Darling, and who knows? Maybe we’ll see him drenched in blood in the film.

So, now you know that we don’t actually know Harry Styles’ actual blood type. Be careful when you tell that to Directioners, though. They might just breakdown!

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