Harry Styles Girlfriend 2022! Is He Dating Olivia Wilde in 2022?

Harry Styles is a rocking star throughout the world. Harry is professionally an expert Redditch actor, English singer, songwriter.

He has a fascinating career through which he has gained lots of fame & earned a vast amount of net worth, approximately $80 million.

Who's Harry Styles presently dating?
Harry Styles by Ianthebush licensed under CC BY 2.0

People often ask on the internet who Harry Styles is dating in 2022. Well, surprisingly, this singer dated several girls. But in 2022, this guy is dating Olivia Wilde. So guys, stick with this article to know more. Let’s start.

Who Is Harry Styles Girlfriend In 2022? Olivia Wilde!

We have already said that Harry had several girlfriends previously; currently, he is dating Olivia Wildes. 

In Las Vegas, Olivia attended Harry’s opening night performance & danced full of enjoyment while the singer was singing on the stage. An eyewitness captured the moment.

According to E! News, “It was very amazing while Olivia was singing almost every song & passing an enjoyable moment with the people she was with.”

At last, the couple opened their mouths about their relationship when joining a wedding ceremony together in January 2021. Within a very few days, their relationship turns into the sweetest one. According to E! News, “they have an intimate connection & bond.”

This couple spent some time in London together at the beginning of the summer. At the same time, Olivia’s ex Jason Sudeikis was also present there. According to E!, “Olivia & Harry had a great time in London”, and “Harry visited with Olivia some of his favorite spots around the town.”

Later, the couple enjoyed a romantic trip to Southern Italy on 4th July. They are enjoying the relationship & are living together, renting a home.

Though they don’t express their relationship on the internet so much, it is evident because they frequently walk around the neighborhood.

Some Quick Facts about Olivia Wilde!

Real Name: Olivia Jane Cockburn

Nick Name: Olivia Wilde

Birth Date: 10th March 1984

Birth Place: New York City, U.S

Age: 37 years old

Height: 1.70m

Weight: 55kg

Profession: American actress & filmmaker

Nationality: American & Irish

Father Name: Andrew Cockburn

Mother Name: Leslie Cockburn

Children: 2

Drama-Series: Legacy, Cowboys & Aliens, The Lazarus Effect & so on.

When Did Harry Meet With Olivia?: Interesting!

Harry met with Olivia for the first time while working together on a movie, “Don’t Worry, Darling.” At that time, Olivia got separated from her husband Jason Sudeikis, and Olivia performed on the film and directed the movie.

Is Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde still dating in 2022?
Olivia Wilde by Bf Distribution licensed under CC BY 3.0

Olivia became so happy to have Harry as his boyfriend & also involved in the film. Before that, Harry had a relationship with Shia LeBouf.

Olivia said to Vogue during an interview,We know that Harry has a real interest in fashion & style. This film is amazingly stylistic. It is very highly rated & I’m so thankful because he is very responsible about the process. Sadly, some actors don’t care.”

What Do Harry’s Fans & Followers Think About Their Relationship?

Well, this couple’s fans & followers have some different reactions regarding their relationship. This couple has some pictures on the internet holding their hands tightly & looking at each other with a romantic look. 

But some people don’t agree that there is a relationship between them. They claim, “it’s normal for a pop star to hold the hand of any woman, and it doesn’t mean they are in a relationship.” 

Harry’s interview also confused his fans & followers. Do you know why? Because Harry said, “I have a lot of friends including women & I’m dating all of them.” But the truth is Harry is dating Olivia Wilde in 2022.

Wrap Up 

Harry Styles is a super person who received lots of awards. Like Olivia, many women came into his life, but it didn’t affect his popularity.

He leads his life in his way. Hopefully, you have a clear idea about Harry’s girlfriend in 2022. For more details about Olivia or Harry’s relationship, knock us on our website.

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