Hilary Duff Husbands| How Many Times Was She Married?

The international artist Hillary Duff is considered an icon of the pop culture of millennials. She has been part of Disney’sDisney’s golden era. Time has indeed flown so fast.

Who are Hilary Duff ex and present husbands? Let's know about them.
Hilary Duff by Shanarae1 licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

Millennials are already ageing. But the time the artists were working the Lizzie McGuire, they were only teenagers. 

The Disney star is regarded as one of the straight-laced artists in Hollywood. This is before she moves into adult shows such as Younger on the TV Land. As she is pursuing her career, the artist’s personal relationships have been interesting. This includes her marriage. 

Perhaps, you are curious how many times was she married. Let us find out below and meet Hilary Duff’s husband. Keep reading!

How Many Times Was Hilary Duff Married?

The Hollywood star walked down the aisle twice. Her first marriage was in 2010, but they broke up six years later. The next wedding happened in 2019. This is with his current husband. More on this below. 

Mike Comrie

Before she met Comrie, the star was dating Madden, and fans thought the relationship would lead to marriage. However, they split up in 2007. This destroyed the notion of considerable gaps to work out in Hollywood. After their split, she started dating Mike Comrie – an NHL star about the age as her previous boyfriend. 

They dated for 3 years before things became serious. The star finally walked down the aisle in 2010. Two years later, they welcomed their son named Luca. The artist was in her mid-20s when she became a mom. Everything seemed perfect between them. However, they announced their split in 2014.

Mike Comrie is the Ex husband of Hilary Duff.
Mike Comrie by Jenni licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Their divorce was finalized in 2016, but they had been already separated for quite along. In 2013, they chose to call it quits, but divorce was only filed in 2015. The couple pointed out that growing apart is why things between them went wrong.

Still, the breakup seemed unusual for some until now. That is because they looked amicable. They both managed to maintain a cordial relationship between them. But this is probably due to the need to have joint custody over their son. This is a proper way of handling their failed marriage.

Matthew Koma

Developing romance with personal trainers is typical in Hollywood relationships. The Disney star did it with her trainer, Jason Walsh. Although they looked serious at first, it turns out that the star was only having fun.

Eventually, she met the singer and record producer named Matthew Koma. He is the same age as the artist. Since they started dating, the two broke up thrice. Yet, they have made it work.

When the artist became pregnant in 2018, there was a trajectory change in her life. She gave birth to their daughter, Banks Violet, around October. This was also when she said yes to her proposal of Koma. They get married in 2019. The star walked down the aisle with their daughter.

Who's Matthew Koma? The present husband of Hilary Duff.
Hilary Duff by VOGUE Taiwan licensed under CC BY 3.0

Right now, the couple is living in LA. They are holding down their busy schedules, including concerts, tours, press engagements, filming, and more. But they make time for their family. The high-profile couple was never seen out of town.

It’s A Wrap!

You have finally met Hillary Duff’s husband. Her fans are delighted that the star has found a perfect partner for herself in her husband, Matthew Koma.

It can be said that her quest for true love has ended. She is dancing through the bliss and ills of life with the small family they have built.

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