How Many Pounds did Queen Latifah Lose in 2022?

Dana Elaine Owens or Queen Latifah is a popular American celebrity with many talents. She is a singer, actress, rapper, songwriter, and host.

She is constantly in the public eye and the media and paparazzi take photos of her just like every other celebrity. She has to maintain her physique and figure to look good on camera.

How Many Pounds did Queen Latifah Lose?
Queen Latifah by Anthony Quintano licensed under CC BY 2.0

If you are curious to know about Queen Latifa’s weight loss journey and her current weight in 2022, then this blog has the answers. 

Queen Latifah’s Weight Loss Journey?

This 52-year-old actress and singer started her career in the industry in 1989. Undoubtedly, she has had many achievements over the past three decades, but one thing she has always faced is ‘body shaming’.

It is common for celebrities to get bullied or body shamed. While the singer had many fans and well-wishers, there were haters too. These bullies were not only affecting her mental health but being overweight was also concerning for her physical health.

She has a family history of cardiac disease, diabetes, and many more diseases due to weight issues. So, after reaching a certain age, Latifah decided to work off excess weight.  

After this realization, Latifah changed her lifestyle and bad eating habits. She became committed to losing weight and was determined to be successful.

In 2017, on her appearance on a Tv show for her new movie promotion, Latifah shocked everyone with her transformation!  

How does Queen Latifah Maintain Her Diet?

The singer, songwriter, and rapper suffered weight issues for most of her adult life. She often tried different types of diets for weight loss, but her commitment level did not allow her to continue them for long.

Then how did she lose weight? Queen Latifah said she does not follow a diet plan; instead, she eats her regular meals in small proportions. But, she makes sure she burns those calories with extensive exercise. Exercise not only helps her lose weight but has also helped to tone her body. 

Compared to her current age, Latifah looks ten years younger after her weight loss. She is a firm believer in ‘age is what you feel inside’. She lost over 20 pounds and currently weighs 59 kgs.

Final Thoughts

So, now you know about Queen Latifah’s weight loss journey! Regular exercise has contributed immensely to her weight loss and allowed her to meet her goals.

She has a personal trainer and hits the gym a minimum of 5 days a week. That much consistent dedication is enough to reach any goal, not just weight loss.

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