How Much Did Robert Downey Jr Make From Marvel? Is He a Billionaire?

Although Tony Stark was not named the richest hero in the history of films, he is fumingly rich with a net worth of about 12.2 billion dollars.

He accumulated such an amount after he funded his Iron Man suit. The exploitation of his fellow superheroes from the Avengers also contributed to such an amount.

How Much Did Robert Downey Jr Make From Marvel? Hoe much net worth does he have?
Robert Downey Jr by gageskidmore licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

But all of those figures were only from the movie. What about in real life? Is Robert Downey Jr. as rich as Tony Stark? Is he a billionaire? We know that you are dying to find out about this.

Read below as we discuss how much did Robert Downey Jr make from Marvel.

How Rich Is Robert Downey Jr?

The Iron Man star is worth 300 million dollars. Everyone in the industry knows that a considerable portion of his fortune came from his work in the Marvel series. The Hollywood actor had a long successful career both in television and film.

When we look at his properties, we see how rich the actor is. He has a mansion in Malibu amounting to 3.8 million dollars. The estate screams luxury. Not only that. But the actor also spent about 10.5 million dollars to own a Windmill mansion in the Hamptons.

We also know that Tony Stark uses a limousine in the movie. But in real life, the actor prefers to ride his sports cars. He has a crazy collection of classic cars that many people wish for.

How Rich Is Robert Downey Jr? Is he a billionaire?
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How Much Did Robert Downey Jr Make From Marvel?

In 2018, the actor earned a total of 500 thousand dollars in his role in the superhero film. That was his first Iron Man film, making him one of the actors with the biggest pay of that time. In the third episode of the Iron Man series, the actor’s earnings increased to 70 million dollars.

Is He a Billionaire?

The total net worth of the actor is about 300 million dollars. The interconnected Marvel series played a huge part in the actor’s fortune.

Playing some films in the series earned him so much. Imagine how his salary was raised from 500 thousand dollars to 70 million dollars.

How Much Did Robert Downey Jr Make From Endgame?

The actor’s pay in every Marvel film continuously increased over the years. The actor made another 75 million dollars for the Avengers: Endgame.

How Much Did Robert Downey Jr Make From Endgame?
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According to the breakdown in Forbes, the Iron Man star received 20 million dollars upfront. The remaining amount way from the 8-percent back-end profit of the film, which amounts to 55 million dollars in total.

Let’s compare his half-a-million salary from the first Iron Man film. We can see how much his role became integral to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The evolution of his pay says it all.

It’s A Wrap!

After reading about how much Robert Downey Jr. made from Marvel, you can already picture how rich the actor is and how he was able to earn so much fortune.

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