How Tall Are the BTS Members? Who’s the Tallest and Shortest Member in BTS?

Just when we thought no other boy group can beat The Beatles or One Direction, BTS came and proved everyone wrong.

Indeed, their accomplishments in the industry is unlike anything we’ve seen in the history of music.

How tall are the BTS Members? Let's know about the height of every BTS member.
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They have united people across the world with just their music. Most importantly, they bring joy to the lives of the people who look up to them.

Given their popularity, they have attracted many loyal fans who are curious to know every single detail about them – from their foot size to height. Hence, without further ado, let us find out who’s the tallest and shortest members of BTS.

#1 Rap Monster (Tallest)

Not only does he have the most important role in the group as the leader, but he also is the tallest among the seven guys. It is estimated that RM is around 5’11’’ or 181cm tall. 

In group photos, it’s easy to see that RM does, in fact, tower over the boys. That is why some people have fiercely argued that he must be at least 6ft tall. Regardless, at least RM is above the average height of Korean boys his age.

On top of that, he seems to also be growing horizontally

. RM has been working on gaining muscles these past few months, and latest pictures of him show drastic changes to his physique! Hence, he’s both the tallest and the heaviest member of the group.

#2 V

Some sources list V as either the third or fourth tallest member of the group, but latest information about the singer’s height has made him clinch the second spot. During his 25th birthday livestream, V revealed that his new height is 180cm or 5’10’’.

How tall is V from BTS?
V By SHAQ Photo Licensed under CC BY 4.0

While this may seem like a scientific impossibility, there have actually been some instances where people continue to grow despite already being in their late 20s. And if V keeps on growing, he might actually surpass RM and become the tallest member of the group.

#3 Jin

Despite being the oldest member, Jin only ranks third in terms of height among the Bangtan Boys. When measured in feet, he’s the same height as V at 5’10’’. The only difference is that he’s one centimeter shorter than the other.

To his benefit, he doesn’t need to be larger in size to impose his authority to the group. In Korean culture, younger members must be respectful and obedient to their hyungs. Still, Jin isn’t one to abuse that power, mainly because he loves and respects his six brothers very much!

#4 Jungkook

Coming in at number four is the group’s lead vocalist, Jungkook.

He’s also 5’10’’, but a centimeter shorter than Jin, which is 178cm. This just goes to show that age doesn’t matter in height because Jungkook is the youngest member of the group.

How tall is Jungkook from BTS?
Jungkook By Dispatch Licensed under CC BY 3.0

He debuted with BTS at only 15 years old, which means that he experienced his puberty-induced growth spurt while he was already soaring high in the music industry. 

#5 JHope

The last of the 5’10’’ gang in BTS is dancer/rapper JHope. Sources show that he’s approximately 177cm in height. While he may not be the tallest, JHope behaves like he’s always in cloud nine! His bubbly character makes everyone around him feel cheerful and happy.

Indeed, you don’t need to be 6ft tall to uplift your spirits! Moreover, if JHope stays true to his stage name, it might not be too late for him to climb higher in the list. Besides, V has already proven that growing is still a thing at their age, so who knows? Maybe JHope can still be taller.

#6 Suga

‘Small but terrible’ is definitely the best way to describe Suga. He may be the second shortest member of the group, but he’s got mad skills in dancing and rapping that everyone in the industry respects.

How tall is Suga from BTS?
Suga By Dispatch Licensed under CC BY 3.0

According to sources, Suga is only 5’9’’ or 176cm in height. On top of that, he’s also the slimmest member of BTS, weighing at only 59kg or 130lbs.

#7 Jimin

If there’s anything Jimin is known for in the band aside from his amazing falsetto and ridiculously good dance moves, it’s his cute height. Jimin has often been picked on by BTS and fans alike for being the shortest, measuring at only 175cm or 5’9’’.

But don’t underestimate him just because of his height – his accomplishments as a singer and dancer are hard to surpass. He may be the shortest, but he definitely does not come up short when it comes to talent.

So, now you know the height of each BTS member! To sum it all up, RM is the tallest member at 5’11’’ while Jimin is the shortest at only 5’9’’. Do what you want with that information!

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