Is Adam Lambert Still With Queen in 2022? See the Details

Ever since Freddie Mercury passed away, it was basically agreed upon by millions of people around the world that nobody – not a single soul – would be able to replace him.

Adam Lambert with Queen, Is Adam Lambert still with Queen?
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Some may come close, but they will never be the same as Freddie. But if there was anyone who was going to fill his shoes and take on the legacy he left behind, many people felt that Adam Lambert was the perfect guy for the job.

And that’s exactly what Adam proved in the next few years of touring together with the two remaining original members of the band: Brian May and Roger Tayor. Their collaboration was a huge success. Now, many fans are wondering if Adam is still with the band or not.

Queen + Adam Lambert: How It All Started

Adam Lambert and the band’s history dates all the way back to 2009 when Adam Lambert was just a rising star competing on the show American Idol.

The band was so impressed with Adam’s performance in the show that they called up the producers just to ask if they could do a performance with him. Lo and behold, the band was invited to do a performance with both Adam Lambert and Kris Allen for the show’s finale.

While Kris may have won the contest, it was Adam who won the hearts of the members of the legendary rock band. Here’s what Brian May said:

We get on personally and that counts for a lot. And we were awestruck by his instrument and the way he used it. And then when we went onstage, it felt natural.”

Adam Lambert loves to perform with queen
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Brian also gave Adam possibly the highest compliment one could ever give to a musician:

He could sing all the lines Freddie sang. All those lines. They were complex songs. He sang those lines higher than Freddie could.”

With that kind of flattery, the pressure became very real to Adam:

In the back of my head, I was like, ‘Oh God, I hope this is the right idea,’ you know. I’m so excited to sing these songs, but I don’t know how it’s going to be received.”

In 2012, Adam officially joined the band as a permanent member. And, just as expected, things are going very well for everyone involved.

Queen + Adam Lambert’s Ongoing World Tour

Adam Lambert still be with Queen in 2022. He didn't quit from Queen.
Adam Lambert by Mark Kent licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

To briefly answer everyone’s queries: Yes, Adam Lambert is still working with Queen. In fact, they’re almost done with their ongoing world tour called The Rhapsody Tour – which is, obviously, a nod to arguably the band’s biggest hit song Bohemian Rhapsody

The tour is set to conclude this 25th of July, with plenty of dates still available for fans to book their tickets on. Their three-year world tour has already grossed around $80.9million in revenue – which, honestly, isn’t surprising anymore since we’re talking about the Queen here.

It is still unknown if Adam and the band are going to embark on another world tour. Meanwhile, we do look forward to their future projects! Queen + Adam Lambert album, anyone? 

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