Is Adele Related To Kate Winslet, Scott Adkins, And Sam Smith?

One famous singer came from nowhere and established herself in the music industry. The one we are pertaining to here is Adele.

She built her career about ten years ago, and now she is considered one of the biggest entertainment names in the world. A proof of this is her becoming the recipient of the Brit Awards for the fourth time now. 

Is Adele Related To Kate Winslet, Scott Adkins, And Sam Smith? How they are all connected?
Adele By Egghead06 Licensed Under CC BY-SA 4.0

Being in the spotlight, many would be intrigued by more and more information about the artist, even including her personal life.

Some common questions I came across to includes “Is Adele related to Kate Winslet?”, “ Is Adele related to Scott Adkins?” “Is Adele related to Sam Smith?”.

We will answer all the questions altogether in this post. Essentially, you will soon find out whether or not the respected soul singer is related to Kate Winslet, Scott Adkins, and Sam Smith. Keep reading!

Ever since Adele dressed like Kate Winslet on her 30th birthday, people have started to wonder if the renowned celebrity is related to her.

Kate Winslet is famously known as Rose, who is her character in Titanic. She has confessed a few times that she is a fan of Titanic, so she decided to use it as a theme on her birthday. 

But who knew that Adele would almost entirely look like Kate Winslet. She can pass as her Doppelganger. According to the singer, she always has Rose within her, and she just chose to embrace it that night. 

Is Adele Related To Kate Winslet? Are they related?
Kate Winslet by Gordon Correll licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

The star posted multiple photos on her Instagram account in which she is dressed as Rose. Her post was flooded by people’s comments about how identical she and Kate are.

The resemblance was just so fascinating. So to answer the question, the two women are not related, but their looks are identical. 

What we know as Adele has a given name of Adele Laurie Blue Adkins. This is perhaps why people wonder where it is related to Scott Adkins since they got the same nickname.

Plus, both of them are from England. But although the famous singer and the action star have the same last name, they seem not related. They might not know each other on a personal basis.

Many have noticed the compelling similarities between Adele and Sam Smith. Both of them are British crooners who sing sad songs. Many are suspicious about their similarities.

Maybe, it is more than what we can see. For instance, when one releases an album, the other will lower its radar for a while. This is quite convenient for both of them. 

Is Adele Related To Sam Smith? How they know each other?
Sam Smith by Pistenwolf licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

The Grammy Award-winning artist started her career earlier than Sam. The latter was used to people asking him about his similarities to another British crooner in interviews.

Exciting speculation about them that would surprise the singer is that they are just the same person. But would it be possible? We never know!

It’s A Wrap!

Are you surprised by the different revelations we highlighted above? All of those are just speculations of people obsessed with their favorite artists.

Adele is not related to Kate Winslet, Scott Adkins, or Sam Smith. But when some would throw us facts that can support their claims, then it would be better.

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