Is Alex Lawther Gay? A Close Look at His Sexuality

Alexander Jonathan Lawther gained worldwide popularity by acting in Imitation Game. He was born on 4th May 1995. The star has not been using social media platforms for long. 

So his private life is more private than we can think of. There are questions regarding his personal life that were not answered properly, and “is Alex Lawther gay?” is one of those questions. 

Is Alex Lawther Gay? Let's know about his sexuality.
Alex Lawther by wizardradiomedia licensed under CC BY 3.0

Alex Lawther has not labeled his sexuality, but he hinted at himself as not gay or straight in an interview where actress Jessica Barden was also beside her. Both talked about a nightclub where they went, not knowing it was a gay club and understanding that it was not their type of bar. 

If he isn’t gay, then how did the gay rumors spread? Here’s everything you are expecting to know. 

Is Alex Lawther Gay? 

Identifying a celebrity’s sexuality is sometimes hard and sometimes simple. While most celebrities do not even hint to us about what their sexuality is, Alex did. Yes, the actor talked about his gender orientation indirectly. 

After playing gay roles in various movies, he was claimed to be gay by his haters and also some followers. The primary reason was he haven’t labeled his sexual orientation. But we have a piece of evidence that can prove that Alex Lawther is not gay. 

Alex and Jessica Barden, a British actress, were once interviewed together. They were talking about going to a gay club and then Jessica said it was not their type of club. 

The actress said, “It was like a hugely iconic gay bar in West Hollywood with the portrait of Elizabeth Taylor. I think it wasn’t for us. I don’t think the club people were gay. I don’t know why we went there.”   [Source: YouTube 1:46-1:55]

She mentioned themselves as not gay by saying that gay bar wasn’t for them. They were pretty embarrassed there and so lost each other and took time to get back together as it was a spacious place. 

This indicates Alex Lawther is straight because he doesn’t seem to have an interest in boys in real life. He doesn’t use social media but different stars and unknown ladies upload shared moments with him. 

Also, we need to understand there are more straight actors out there who played homosexual roles. Hence, we’ll need to stay put and believe Lawther to be straight until the news comes that he has come out. 

How Did the Gay Rumors About Alex Lawther spread? 

Alex’s gay rumors have been intensified for a reason. He is one of the few actors in the world who played multiple homosexual roles in different movies. He even kissed same-sex people. His famous gay character movies are Departure, Imitation Game, and Freak Show. 

How Did the Gay Rumors About Alex Lawther spread? Let's know the details.
Alex Lawther by Philip Romano licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

His perfectly gay acting and kissing males many times created doubts about his sexuality in his followers’ hearts. Besides, the actor hides facts regarding his real-life lover for which people doubted him more. 

Fortunately, after researching his interviews well, we were able to find out he is not what people think he is. 

Final Words 

Alex Lawther did something that only a few actors have done. He acted as gay in many movies. 

His natural and skilled acting not only astonished people but also made them the question “is Alex Lawther gay?” 

Until today it was hard to tell whether he is straight or not but after his one interview alongside Jessica Barden, disclosed the truth that Lawther indeed is straight. 

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