Is Ali Wong Religious? Which Religion Does She Follow? 

Everyone is interested in a star’s life. Starting from what color they like to which religion they follow, their supporters are eagerly waiting to know any updated facts.

Generally, celebrities don’t speak much about religions. Most television personalities believe in spirituality. However, Wong was also asked about her religion. 

Is Ali Wong Muslim? Is she religious?
Ali Wong by CleftClips licensed under CC BY 2.0

Is Ali Wong religious? Which religion does she follow? The comedian confirmed herself a Buddhist. She admitted to following Buddhism and shared how the religion had positive impacts on her progressing life. 

In this article, we have shared her thoughts about Buddha and his teachings and what changes she brought in herself after following it.

Ali Wong’s Religion

The name Ali Wong can create confusion. The name “Ali” might make others think that the comedian is Muslim. However, she is not. She belongs to the Buddhist religion.

She talked about how Buddhism helped her to change and prosper. She said when she was passing through difficult times, Buddhism helped her stay calm and focused. 

What's Ali Wong’s Religion belief? Which religion does she follow?
Ali Wong by Greg Harries licensed under CC BY 2.0

Also, she adores Buddha’s teachings. Wong said this religion made her understand how to be more kind and compassionate towards humans and animals. It proves she is spiritually connected with her religious belief. 

How Religious is Ali Wong? 

Ali Wong is religious enough. She follows Buddhist teachings. From her interviews on various occasions, it’s clear that she made herself kind to others.

Also she admitted that Buddha’s teachings helped her a lot. This tells us that the actress and comedian does follow the teachings of Buddha and so we can say she is very religious. 

Final Words 

Ali Wong, whose real name is Alexandra Dawn is famous for her Netflix Special comedy show Baby Cobra. She became the reason for laughter on many faces.

She has a wide number of followers and they are keen to learn which religion Wong belongs to. Well, here’s the answer, Ali Wong is a Buddhist. 

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