Is Ali Wong Vietnamese? What's Her Nationality?

The best part of being a comedian is there is no one to hate you. Ali Wong who is a popular name on Netflix and online is misunderstood as Vietnamese. So what is her real nationality? Is Ali Wong Vietnamese or belongs to another nationality? 

Ali Wong, the ‘Always Be My Maybe’ comedian is an American. She was born on 19th April 1982 in California, United States. Although she is a descendant of Vietnam and China. 

What's Ali Wong's nationality? Is she Vietnamese or American?
Ali Wong by CleftClips licensed under CC BY 2.0

How is she a Vietnam and China descendant? Where are her parents from? In order to know about her ethnicity properly, continue reading the entire article. 

Is Ali Wong Vietnamese? 

The famous standup comedian Ali Wong’s mother was Tam Wong. She was born in Vietnam. Her nationality is Vietnamese. For this reason, many people think she is also Vietnamese.

But Ali Wong is not because she was born in another country (the United States) where their parents shifted. 

Is Ali Wong Chinese? 

Above we said many people think Ali Wong is Vietnamese because her mother is from Vietnam.

Is Ali Wong Chinese or American?
Ali Wong by Greg Harries licensed under CC BY 2.0

In the same way, several people think Ali is Chinese because his father Adolphus Wong was an American-Chinese person. But this is also a misconception. Ali Wong is not Chinese. 

What is Ali Wong’s Nationality? 

Ali Wong is neither Chinese nor Vietnamese so what is her true nationality? Ali Wong is an American. Because she was born and raised in America. But she is also a Vietnamese-Chinese descendant. 

Final Words 

Ali Wong is well-known for her Baby Cobra Netflix show. The standup comedian does great at making others laugh. In a short period, she managed to achieve many supporters.

There are few details about her and so rumors say she could be Chinese or Vietnamese. But Wong is an American by birth.

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