Is Alicia Keys Native American? What's Her Ethnicity?

Alicia Keys is a singer and a former judge on The Voice. When she was a teenager, she would hang out with her friends that had immersed her in the diversity of races. In Harlem, she would have Hispanic, Dominican, Asian, whites, and African American friends. 

The singer claims to be a broad person who can relate to various cultures. That being said, you might be wondering what’s her ethnicity. In this post, we will explore the ethnicity of the famous singer. 

Is Alicia Keys Native American? What's her nationality?
Alicia Keys By Walmart Licensed under CC BY 2.0

Is Alicia Keys Native American or not? Stay tuned to find out!

Alicia Keys Origin

Alicia Augello Cook, famously known as Alicia Keys, was born in Manhattan. She is the daughter of Craig Cook and Terria Joseph.

Due to her mother’s insistence, Alicia started to take piano lessons when she was only 7. Alicia has proven to be a prodigy, so she immediately got accepted into a prestigious school for performing arts in Manhattan. 

Her mother raised her daughter in the rough region of New York City. They are living among people of varying nationalities and ethnicities. Instead of alienating the singer, it had turned her into what she is today. 

What Is Alicia Keys Ethnicity?

The ethnicity of the recording artist is mixed.

Her parents have Irish, Scottish, Italian, and African American ancestry. Her father is an African American, while her mother has Irish or Scottish and Italian ancestry.

What Is Alicia Keys Ethnicity? is she American?
Alicia Keys By burningkarma Licensed under CC BY 2.0

Despite the mixed-race background of the singer, she had not experienced identity issues. Her background has made her a broader person who can relate to any person of any ethnicity or culture.

Is Alicia Keys Native American?

No, she is not a Native American. We have mentioned that her ethnicity is mixed and not pure American. The recording artist is comfortable having a diverse family background.

She is lucky enough that she has not experienced discrimination regarding her race. Alicia became successful with not bashing and discriminating her origin. People love her music.

Is Alicia Keys Native American? What's her parents nationality?
Alicia Keys By José Goulão Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

In fact, she belongs to the list of singers with the most awards. With her immense success and fame, Alicia Keys does not fail to always give back to the community where she came from. 

It’s A Wrap

Hopefully, this post has provided you with enough answers regarding Alicia Keys ethnicity. Again, the recording artist is not a Native American.

She instead has mixed ethnicity, including African American from her father’s side and Italian Irish from her mother’s side.

So that’s it for today, folks. Hope to see you on the next post. Have a nice day ahead!

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