Is Alicia Keys Related To Madison Keys, Lena Horne, And Diana Ross?

Since the time Alicia Keys was discovered in 1994, and as she builds her career in the music industry, she has been compared to many famous artists.

Well, it is human nature to compare an artist to another. They might have seen something common or a striking resemblance. 

Is Alicia Keys Related To Madison Keys, Lena Horne, And Diana Ross? see the details.
Alicia Keys By Daniele Dalledonne Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

The fans claimed the most common personalities to be related to the Grammy Award winner, and the host includes Madison Keys, Lena Horne, and Diana Ross. Do you want to determine if their claims are valid or baseless speculations only?

If so, you know what to do! Scroll down and find the answer to the question: is Alicia Keys related to Madison Keys, Lena Horne, and Diana Ross? 

One famous personality with the same last name as Alicia is Madison Keys. With the two of them having both Keys as their last name, many people wonder whether or not the two are related.

Is Alicia Keys Related To Madison Keys? How she connected to the Tennis star?
Madison Keys by Tatiana licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

But no, Alicia Keys is not associated with the American professional tennis player, Madison Keys. The latter is born in New York City. Although the respected singer also lived in New York, she was born in Illinois. 

Many fans also think that Alicia Keys and Lena Horne are related. Both of them are incredibly talented. The world has been blessed to hear these two artists’ beautiful voices.

Some would say that the celebrated actress is the sister of Lena Horne from another parent. In fact, they would pass as twins. Not only do the two ladies have equally outstanding talent, but they also have many similar features. 

Since the debut of the American songwriter, many have seen the resemblance. This has inevitably started the comparison between them.

According to her, she does not mind being compared to Horne. She sees it as a privilege. The Grammy Award-winning artist admitted her great admiration for Horne. She even dreamed of playing her.

Do you know the legendary actress and singer Diana Ross? If so, do you also think that she is related to Alicia Keys? Diana Ross started as the lead singer in a girl group named Supremes.

Is Alicia Keys Related To Diana Ross? Let's find out the connection.
Diana Ross by DVSROSS licensed under CC BY 2.0

On the other hand, Alicia Keys is also a singer and an actress, and she is outstanding. Perhaps, this is why people wonder if they are related.

When the singer answered some of the most searched questions about her on the internet, the very famous singer said she wished they were related.

Well, who doesn’t want to be related to someone like Diana Ross? The recording artist further added that Tracy, the daughter of Diana Ross, is like her sister, so in a way, she is also the daughter of Diana Ross.

It is proven that Alicia Keys looks up to Diana Ross. She had posted some photos of her posing in a t-shirt designed with Diana Ross’s face.

It’s A Wrap!

You figured out that Alicia Keys is not to Madison Keys, Lena Horne, or Diana Ross. They may be compared due to some resemblance, but she is not related to any of them. That’s it for today. Thank you for staying until the end.

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