Is Anderson Cooper Albino? Here’s the Detail

There’s been a lot of speculation about whether Anderson Cooper actually has Albinism. It turns out the answer is yes. He was born with one blue eye and one brown eye, and that’s it.

Now he can confirm it: “Yes, I am albino.” Anderson Cooper was caught off guard by some surprising news: He is reportedly albino. Cooper’s Albinism was caused by a recessive gene which is extremely rare.

Is Anderson Cooper Albino? Let's see the details.
Anderson Cooper by Terry Ballard licensed under CC BY 2.0

In his case, the gene came from his mother, and the recessive gene is dominant over the dominant. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible for him to get an albino baby or have another child with Albinism.

Does Anderson Cooper have Albinism?

Yes, he can confirm it: “Yes, I am albino.” Furthermore, his father is not an albino. He was born with white skin and blue eyes. Anderson Cooper also came across something which surprised many people - that he has a rare genetic condition called hypopigmentation disorder, causing the loss of melanin in parts of his body (nevus) and white skin.

What is he trying to say? A recessive gene from his mother causes Albinism in him; out of the two genes, one is dominant. Anderson Cooper’s condition is not rare and can be caused by his mother’s Albinism.

His father also has white skin. So Anderson Cooper’s dad was born with blue eyes, but as an adult, he had no melanin to color them because of the recessive gene from his mom, who gave him Albinism and, therefore, auburn hair?! So making sense at this point isn’t even important!

He says that he has hypopigmentation disorder, which causes the loss of melanin in his skin. No word on whether or not Anderson Cooper has Albinism, but it’s likely due to his mother having this condition and him having a recessive gene from her.

Is Albinism a Recessive Gene?

Yes, albinism is a recessive gene. The “parent’s genotype” does not determine the child’s phenotype; indistinguishable given that Anderson Cooper and his mother are related by half-sibling ship.

Anderson Cooper’s father wasn’t born with Albinism either! He has both blue eyes because of his parents’ dominant genes making them still able to produce melanin overall while they were born as two different color tones - how weird!


The theory that Anderson Cooper is Albino has been debated for years. Now, after a DNA test revealed that he has Albinism, the debate is still raging on. Here’s what you need to know about this controversial topic.

What are the facts? How did the theory start? Who started it? Is there any proof to support the theory? How many people believe in it? What does Albinism mean? These are the things we mentioned in this article. Anderson Cooper is Albino.

He has been reported to have a rare condition called Albinism. According to reports, he is almost completely white, and the only part of his body that is not white is his hands. He has a very light brown eye color and red hair.

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