Is Anderson Cooper Married? Who’s His Husband and Partner?

There are many speculations about Anderson Cooper’s marital status. He has been dating a woman named Alexandra Lenas, who is an Emmy Award-winning producer and writer.

In October 2018, she was spotted with her arm around the journalist as they were leaving a New York City restaurant. There has been a lot of speculation around Anderson Cooper’s identity in the past few years.

Is Anderson Cooper Married? Who's his husband?
Anderson Cooper by Gage Skidmore licensed under (CC BY-SA 2.0)

While he has never officially revealed his true marital status, several media outlets have also claimed that he is married and shares an official partnership with fellow journalist Adam Schiff. However, there is still no official proof of this theory, and all the rumors about his partner seem to be untrue.

Is Anderson Cooper married?

Anderson Cooper has never revealed his true marital status since the speculation started five years ago. However, there are a lot of media outlets claiming that he is married and shares an official partnership with fellow journalist Adam Schiff.

People have speculated that Anderson’s wife’s name might be Alexandra Lenas, given their recent public displays of affection together (pics).

While she dated him during her final year at Yale Journalism School in 2003-2004 before they both began their professional careers, there is no evidence to support Adam Schiff’s claims that Anderson Cooper has a husband.

Even if this theory was true, it would turn out that

he and Alexandra Lenas are not an official couple in any sense of the word.

Who’s Anderson Cooper’s Husband?

There has been a lot of speculation about Anderson Cooper’s marital status. Adam Schiff seems to be media outlets haphazardly speculating about who Anderson’s wife/partner might be without actually confirming anything. The most believable theory is that he is married to Alexandra Lenas, and they have a son together.

Anderson Cooper, Himself During an interview in 2010, Anderson Cooper stated, “I would be lying if it didn’t occur to me that the press might take a keen interest in my dating life. And I think that most journalists are married and value their privacy when they’re not writing about someone or some situation. They don’t really care if you’re 50 years old with blue hair and paint on your face.”

Who is Cooper Dating?

Anderson never actually confirmed with the public that he was single. Even though Cooper has not declared his relationship public, there is speculation questioning if Anderson is dating other people and what title such a less than official “other” may have in our society.

There are tons of claims that Anderson currently sleeps around/has a woman on call for him as some sort of billionaire play toy, or he’s been sleeping with famous co-workers very much like Geral.


Anderson Cooper made a lot of people question his marital status back in 2012. Anderson was rumored to be gay after he was seen holding hands with longtime partner Benjamin Maisani.

While no names have been mentioned,

the rumor that Anderson is now married and has an unofficial partnership also came out during this time period, but there really wasn’t any evidence either way at the time of these speculations.

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