Is Anne-Marie Gay or Bi? What's Her Actual Sexuality?

Anne-Marie is one of the most popular and gorgeous artists in the UK. Due to her collaborations with well-known singers and the success of several of her top-charting singles, she gained fame in the music industry.

Most of her diehard fans wish to know about her sexuality because their fans are not sure if the hot lady is straight or not.

Is Anne-Marie Gay? Is Anne-Marie Bi? What's her sexual orientation?
Anne-Marie by Raph_PH licensed under CC BY 2.0

We are here to assist you in learning the answer to your question: Is Anne-Marie gay or bi? What’s her actual sexuality? As you further delve into this article, you will discover your favorite singer’s sexuality.

Well, this is just an overview; keep reading and discover this celebrity’s exciting things.

Anne-Marie Bio And Career

First of all, let’s blow a light on this beautiful woman’s personal life. The talented singer was born and brought up in East Tilbury, Essex, England.

Her zodiac sign is Aries. She was born to Susan J. “Sue” Thompson and Wayne Nicholson, both of British descent. Her father was Irish, while her mother was from Essex.

In 2013, she released a solo debut called Summer Girl for Rocket Records, which marked the start of her career as a singer and songwriter. 

Close look at Anne-Marie Bio And Career details.
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She also appeared as a guest on a tune by Magnetic Man, which helped her get the notice of Rudimental, an English drum, and bass band, and the talented singer subsequently replaced the vocalist in that band.

Is Anne-Marie Gay or Bi?

Your answer is here! Her diehard fans always want to know whether the singer is gay or bi. The famous English artist is in love with both men and women. 

In discussing her sexuality, the beautiful lady indicated that this is not gender-specific. The Rockabye singer said that she is attracted to both males and females.

She said that she simply feels drawn to the people she likes. Perhaps, it is safe to say that the musical sensation is bisexual.

What’s Her Actual Sexuality?

Let’s know her actual sexuality. The above scenario concludes the presumption that the musical icon is bisexual.

She revealed her interest in both men and women. She continued by saying that the purpose of her song Perfect was to appreciate and equalize variations.

What's Anne-Marie's Actual Sexuality? She is bisexual by sexuality.
Anne-Marie by Raph_PH licensed under CC BY 2.0

She speaks about her sexuality in one of the lyrics: “And I’ll love anyone I want to love, ‘cause this love is gender-free.”

The singer claims the song’s purpose is to address modern taboos, including sexuality, body image, and mental health.

It’s A Wrap!

Well, you know the answer: Is Anne-Marie gay or bi? What’s her actual sexuality? The things are crystal clear about this famous celeb’s sexuality.

The singer announced openly that she was bisexual. The artist loves both men and women. Thank you, friends, for reading this article until the end.

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