Is Baekhyun Gay or Bi? Everything About the EXO Star's Sexuality

EXO star Baekhyun is the lead vocalist of the band. His actual name is Byun Baek Hyun. This celebrity’s followers already know a lot about him. But most of them lack information about the “Call Me Baby” singer’s sexuality. 

Is Baekhyun Gay or Bi? What's his actual sexuality?
Baekhyun by TV10 licensed under CC BY 3.0

So, what is his sexual orientation? Is Baekhyun gay or bisexual? All the trustable speculations and assumptions say Baekhyun is straight. However, there is no declaration of his sexual label from the singer or his agency SM Entertainment. 

Know more about how the singer’s name got involved with gay rumors and how his true fans speculated about his gender orientation. 

Is Baekhyun Gay? 

There is always a misconception about boy bands, “everyone in a boy band is gay.” But this is not true. There are many boy bands worldwide, and all group members are straight. Korean-Chinese boy band EXO members are also straight. 

Baekhyun’s sexuality is super easy to assume. He is straight because he wore less makeup and more manly outfits and was once in a relationship with a female Korean singer, Taeyeon.

Although neither SM Entertainment nor Baekhyun himself disclosed his gender orientation, the speculations and assumptions hint that Baekhyun from EXO is straight

Is Baekhyun Bisexual? 

Baekhyun’s name not only got involved with gay rumors but also with bisexual rumors. A group of people thinks he is bisexual and interested in both men and women as he had an affair with a female in the past and has not been in a relationship for over seven years. 

Is Baekhyun Bisexual? Let's know the truth.
Baekhyun by MYBRIGHTLIGHT licensed under CC BY 4.0

But the reality is not like what we imagine. In real life, there is no substantial evidence that Baekhyun likes men. Also, no news was published about Baekhyun having feelings for the same sex.

Hence, it’s unacceptable and childish to think of him as bisexual. Unless the singer comes out on his own, let us believe Baekhyun is not bisexual or gay

Baekhyun’s Gay Rumors

You must have come here to get confirmation whether Baekhyun is gay or you are just a curious person. If you are here for the first reason, you might have heard people calling Baekhyun gay. This is nothing new to global celebrities. A group of people always misjudges their sexuality. 

Baekhyun gay rumors started similarly. The wrong speculations are some Twitter posts are the culprits behind presenting our favorite Baekhyun as another gender person. According to incorrect assumptions, the “Monster” singer is gay because he is too close with his fellow member Chanyeol. 

Their relationship seems nothing more than brotherly love, yet some people will think he might be gay. Another group on social media always tries to make posts about their sexuality with false information, just like this Twitter post below.

The user said, “Baekhyun was the gay awakening of many male idols as well as the reason why female idols hate men.” Such posts can mislead others, and these posts succeed in what it needs to do. 

Final Words 

Baekhyun from EXO is an adult now. Hence, the public is getting more impatient to know about his personal life, especially his sexuality. Baekhyun is straight. He didn’t mention his sexual label, but his relationship timeline and lifestyle clarifies he is neither gay nor bisexual.

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