Is Beanie Feldstein Gay? Who's Her Girlfriend and Dating Partner? 

The US actress Beanie Feldstein aka Elizabeth Greer’s coming out story is different. She didn’t share the fact that she is lesbian.

So, how did she tell the world about her sexuality and relationship? Is Beanie Feldstein gay? Who’s her girlfriend and dating partner? 

Is Beanie Feldstein Gay? Who's her girlfriend?
Beanie Feldstein by DannyB Photos licensed under CC BY 2.0

Beanie Feldstein is gay. Unlike most celebrities her way of coming out was declaring her affair with a same sex person. Producer Bonnie Chance Roberts who is a woman is Feldstein’s fiance as they are now engaged after having a three years long affair. 

Want to know how the couple met? What’s their future plan and more? So keep reading the article till the end. 

Beanie Feldstein Suddenly Came Out as Lesbian 

Beanie Feldstein who was silent about her sexuality suddenly came out as lesbian. No, she officially didn’t label her sexuality but by expressing her love for her girlfriend Bonnie Chance Roberts. At first it was an unexpected thing to everyone but soon everyone accepted their love. 

The two fell in love in an unimaginable way. Beanie Feldstein was someone who thought to never try the relationship thing but couldn’t help herself fall for Bonnie Roberts, a producer. The duo met on a set and eventually began to love each other.

When Feldstein began to strongly believe that she seriously love the producer, both the actress and Roberts decided to openly date and that’s how suddenly the fact was established that Beanie Feldstein is gay. 

How Beanie Feldstein and Her Girlfriend Fell in Love

So here’s the story. Actress Beanie and producer Roberts met on the “How to Build a Girl” set. It was in 2018. She posted about a day on the set where she was speaking about Bonnie but no one knew. 

Feldstein wrote, “I took this photo of the night I knew I was in love with her. She made fun of my bowling skills and then belted karaoke loud enough for all of London to hear. She is the brightest, silliest, warmest, most loving woman and I can’t believe she’s mine.” 

This post clarifies the reasons for her falling for Bonnie Chance Roberts. It was her personality that attracted Feldstein and may be the same goes for Roberts. The exact date of the two getting into a relationship is unknown. But it seems the couple was quick enough to fall and love. 

Is Beanie Feldstein Married With Her Girlfriend Bonnie Chance Roberts? 

Beanie Feldstein and Bonnie Chance Roberts began dating from 2018 but it was a deep secret until they felt its safe to come out as lesbian couple to world. Their relationship is over four years and so there is a commonly asked question about the two, “is Beanie Feldstein married to Bonnie Chance Roberts?” 

No, Beanie Feldstein and Bonnie Chance Roberts are not married yet. But they are planning to get married soon. However, they are officially engaged. The couple had their close people present that day to celebrate the moment. 

Is Beanie Feldstein Married With Her Girlfriend Bonnie Chance Roberts? 
Beanie Feldstein by DannyB Photos licensed under CC BY 2.0

Beanie posted pictures of Bonnie wearing her engagement ring with the caption “I do Bon” on Instagram. It means she said yes. She also posted a story and wrote a lot of “I Do.” So, the couple are now officially engaged. 

What Are the After Marriage Plans of the Gay Couple Beanie Feldstein and Bonnie Chance Roberts? 

Every couple whether straight or gay, have dreams regarding their wedding and wedding after life. These celebrities also have such dreams. Once Feldstein was asked about her future dreams and plans with Bonnie. 

She shared what she wants to accomplish in her life with her girlfriend. Beanie said she would like to have babies with Bonnie and also some puppies. She would like to spend her life with Roberts with continuous happiness and love. 

Final Words

Beanie Feldstein came out as gay when she first time admitted to have a girlfriend on media. Now she is engaged with her and is planning to get married in the near future. Beanie Feldstein’s fiance is famous producer Bonnie Chance Roberts.

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