Is Bebe Rexha Albanian? A Close Look At Her Ethnicity

A lot of people are really into K-pop lately. And it isn’t new that some great singers even if they are not from Korea, they can sing Korean songs or even write one. 

What's Bebe Rexha's nationality?  Is she Albanian?
Bebe Rexha ” By Justin Higuchi Licensed under CC BY 2.0

Bebe Rexha is a singer that can be linked to a lot of music genres. But then her first credit on songs she has sung is a K-pop song for Shinee, a boy band group in Korea that started last 2008. 

She has been booming and has been admired by many because of both her passion and talent for singing and songwriting. The question is: is Bebe Rexha Albanian?

We would be able to answer that question later, at the same time, we will be knowing more about her as we go along. Without further ado, let us explore!

Is Bebe Rexha Albanian?

She is, indeed, a great singer and is loved by a few. But since she became famous, a lot of people were curious about where or what race she came from. She is an American singer and songwriter. 

Just like any other celebrity, she’s also surrounded by a lot of issues, trying to drag her down. To answer your question: Is Bebe Rexha Albanian? Well, the said singer is indeed an Albanian. 

What's Bebe Rexha's Ethnicity? Is she Albanian like Dua Lipa?
Bebe Rexha” By John Bauld licensed under CC BY 2.0

She is the daughter of Bukurije Rexha and Flamur Rexha. Their family is actually from New York specifically in Brooklyn. She has contributed to some songs by big-time singers which made her quite famous.

Bebe Rexha Ethnicity

A lot of people were intrigued by her ethnicity. Guess what? Her real name is Bleta Rhexa. She is an Albanian- a white Albanian to be specific. She has been compared with some prominent singers such as Doja Cat who’s very famous in terms of the music industry. 

People have been accusing the said singer of Blackfishing because they thought that she was black. But then again, she did not mean to cultivate a racially ambiguous image. She was just accused because her skin tone along with some other singers that are half black appeared to be somehow similar. 

Is Bebe Rexha Albanian? Bebe Rexha nationality,  Bebe Rexha Ethnicity.
Bebe Rexha ” By Cosmopolitan UK licensed under CC BY 3.0

They have been antagonizing the said artist because she was starting her career and some people think that she is copying some other singers.

Others would claim that it’s because of her ethnicity that she’s facing a lot of issues. She is being compared to other singers/artists who have the same race as her. Well, it’s not new in the industry!

She is an Albanian, the same as Doja Cat.

But to clarify, they are far different from each other. They are also not related to each other. Simply the two singers just came from Albania. The only similarity is their passion for singing.

It’s A Wrap!

Is Bebe Rexha Albanian? Indeed the great singer is an Albanian, but she is a white Albanian woman.

A lot of people get confused about her ethnicity and skin color but remember, it doesn’t matter. Besides, we should love one another and unite regardless of race and color. Have fun, my dear friends!

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