Is Bella Hadid Gay Or Bi? A Close Look At Her Sexuality

When you open a fashion magazine or Instagram, it is impossible for you not to find Bella Hadid’s face. You can literally see her face anywhere.

Being the daughter of a reality star and a real estate tycoon, fame is not something new to the international model. 

Is Bella Hadid gay? Is Bella Hadid bisexual> What's her sexual orientation?
Bella Hadid by Gnexsedit licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Furthermore, being a sister to other supermodels is something that makes her not enmeshed in Hollywood. Although she does this by profession, she ensures that her personal life remains hidden from public scrutiny. 

But of course, she also understood that it is inevitable for a public figure like her to be subjected to rumors, issues, and controversies. Since many people have asked: Is Bella Hadid gay or bi, let us take a close look at her sexuality. 

Is Bella Hadid Gay?

Back when the international supermodel celebrated her 23rd birthday, a fellow model that is very close to her, Kendall Jenner, posted a short clip of them kissing. She shared this in her story and wrote her greeting for the model. 

In that snippet, it was also seen that she was straddled by Kendall, who leaned upward to give her a quick kiss. It can also be heard that there were cheering on them. 

After that video spread on the internet, rumors that the supermodel was gay were circling on the internet. But when asked about this, the two simply laugh it off. 

Is Bella Hadid Gay? What's her sexuality?
Bella Hadid by Danilo Lauria licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

Well, we can assume that it was only for fun. The two have been friends, and the kiss cannot mean anything. The supermodel further states that she does not think she is gay or bisexual but is unsure. 

Is Bella Hadid Bisexual?

Many people, especially her fans, know that she had been in a relationship with The Weeknd. But when their romance ended, the singer released a song that is presumably about the supermodel.

In one of his songs, he hinted that the model is bisexual with a line in the song saying that she might be into women and she’s going through a phase.

Although the singer does not call the model’s name, we can never be sure whether or not the song is indeed for the international model. Both parties also remained silent when fans requested their comment on their interpretation of the song.

What Is Bella Hadid Sexuality?

Bella Hadid sexuality remained a question for many since the model has not publicly confirmed her sexuality nor addressed the issues regarding her identity.

What Is Bella Hadid Sexuality? is she gay, bisexual or straight?
Bella Hadid by VOGUE Taiwan licensed under CC BY 3.0

But in one episode of VS podcast, she went candid about her self-respect journey. She talked about how she learned to follow her intuition and own voice. 

The fashion darling revealed how she would often go back to men and women who abused her, which led her to always want to please people. She confessed that her sexual, physical, and emotional boundaries were broken. 

It even goes beyond that towards her workspace. In short, she became a people pleaser. With this confession, however, we still do not confirm whether or not she is gay or bisexual. Bella Hadid is currently dating Marc Kalman.

It’s A Wrap!

Is Bella Hadid gay or bi? This question will remain subjected to deliberations – not unless she goes out in public and confirms things herself. 

For now, we cannot assume things and regardless of her sexuality, we would love the model for who she is. Read this too: Is Elizabeth Gillies a Lesbian? What’s Her Sexuality?

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