Is Bella Thorne Gay Or Bi? What's Her Sexuality?

Belle Thorn is an accomplished actress and model who appeared in over twenty television series and films. She also has over forty appearances in commercials.

But her most notarized role was in Shake It Up on the Disney Channel, where she played the role of a young dancer.

Is Bella Thorne  gay? Is Bella Thorne Bisexual? What's her actual sexuality?
Bella Thorne and Zendaya by Mingle MediaTV  licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

She is among the names that many teenagers look up to. But of course, she also has a share of bashers. She receives both love and hate throughout her career. It doesn’t stop her, though to continue working hard and being herself at the same time.

For us to know her better, let us find out what’s her sexuality. We decided to come up with this post since many of you have asked: Is Bella Thorne Gay or Bi? Read below to find out.

What Is Bella Thorne Sexuality?

In 2016, the model and actress came out publicly as bisexual. This was when she was asked via Twitter about her gender orientation.

But recently, she told the public that she is pansexual. She came up with this realization after that particular gender identity was explained to her by someone.

At the start, she was not aware that she was a pan. The question: Is Bella Thorne Bi was usually answered yes by the young star. All this time, the actress thought that she was bisexual. But she is not.

What Is Bella Thorne Sexuality? Is she gay, straight or bi?
Bella Thorne by Neon Tommy licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

What is Pansexuality?

The term pansexual refers to the spiritual, physical, emotional, romantic, or sexual attraction to people, notwithstanding their sexual expression or gender identity.

People who refer to themselves as pan do not mind the gender of the person. It means they could be attracted to anyone, regardless of their identity. Pan simply likes the person and their personality.

Is Bella Thorne Gay?

As mentioned earlier, the actress identifies herself as pansexual and not gay. She likes anything sexy, may it be girls or guys.

According to her, we see the public persona of herself who is cray with redhead and wile. But the real her is the one we read about in her life book.

Impacts Of Coming Out On Her Career

According to the actress, coming how has negative impacts on her career. When photographs of her and Bella Pendergast kissing spread online, she was bombarded with questions about whether or not she is bisexual, and she answered yes in 2016.

Impacts Of Coming Out On Bella Thorne Career.
Bella Thorne by MTV International licensed under CC BY 3.0

Three years later, she revealed that it has impacted her career. By being open about her sexuality, she lost her role. Some aspects of the industry were negative about an artist like her coming out in public. Some of her auditions were even canceled.

It’s A Wrap!

Is Bella Thorne gay or bi? What’s her sexuality? You already know that she is not gay nor bi. The Hollywood artist identifies herself as pansexual, which means she gets attracted to anyone regardless of gender.

She was only confused at first and thought that she was bisexual. But now, she is confident that she is a pansexual. Get more info about: Is Victoria Justice Gay or Bisexual? What’s Her Sexuality?

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