Is Beyoncé Related To Whitney Houston?

As they say, what would the world be without Beyoncé. She is arguably a fascinating pop icon. But before her, there was someone else that dominated pop music - Whitney Houston.

She used to be dominating modern pop around the 1980s, and her domination of the music industry can also be partly attributed to her.

Is Beyoncé Related To Whitney Houston? How they are connected?
Beyoncé by Sarah Marklund and Hanna Söderlund licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Both of them are good at what they do, and no one can ever answer who is better than the other. It is not new to us that the two artists are being compared but have you heard someone ask: is Beyoncé related to Whitney Houston?

That is a pretty common question that we will answer in this post. So many have been wondering about that since the two ladies have the same last name and equally excellent talent that could leave everyone in great fascination.

Knowing Whitney Houston

Her song I Will Always Love You has been recognized as the best-selling female song. Some of her other songs also scored incredibly.

Today’s most singers have great respect for the artist and consider her their idol. It’s not just due to her incredible voice but her ability to sing high and low octaves for a single syllable.

How Whitney Houston Paved The Way For Beyoncé‘s Success?

During her time, only a few black female artists were as prominent as Whitney Houston, who can smoothly transition between acting, modeling, and music. It is new for everyone to see a black female consistently on top of her videos on MTV replay.

The way she made such an impression on the world has left a significant impact. It is a major event that has been the key to accepting the people for many stars out of the “usual.”

The female singer is among those stars. She is a complete embodiment of the fame that Whitney Houston has gained. Aside from being a musician, she is also an actress and a model. She manages to open a clothing line of her own at H&M.

Other than Beyoncé, some other artists had taken the same path. One of which is Whitney Houston, who also acts and has released her perfume brand.

Ultimately, Whitney has proved that black women and female musicians can do not just the same as others do but greater. Many modern musicians can prove this.

What Legacy Did Whitney Houston Leave?

Stars like Niki Minaj and Beyoncé imitating Whitney Houston are partly feared and amused. Other rising artists like Ariana Grande would also have songs telling the world they do not need men to be fulfilled.

Whitney Houston is the actual icon behind a strong and independent woman, and someone like her is rare for the public. After her death, many artists, including Beyoncé, have been vocal about their admiration for the artist. According to Queen Bey, she is a legend.

It’s A Wrap!

So again, So, is Beyoncé related to Whitney Houston? No, she’s not, even though their last names are similar. But Whitney has a significant impact on the career of Queen Bey.

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