Is Beyoncé's Hair Real? Unknown Facts About Beyoncé's Hair

No question about how the music of Beyoncé sounds; it’s incredible as ever! Much more her looks, which remains fantastic through the years.

However, there has been a debate about her hair. Does the singing sensation wear a wig and weaves all the time? Or maybe, she is just blessed with such tresses. Just like everybody else, we are also fascinated.

Is Beyoncé's Hair Real? Does she wear wig?
Beyoncé by Franklin Heijnen licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

The flowing hair of Queen Bey makes her look even more beautiful. But when you see her in her afro hair, you will say that she is as beautiful.

Whatever her hairstylist decides to do with her hair, the singers look empowered alike. But with her changing hairstyles, you cannot stop but wonder: is her hair real?

We will answer that question in this post. Then, we will unravel some unknown facts about Beyonce real hair. So without further ado, let us get started!

Unknown Facts About Beyonce’s Real Hair

To clear out the debate regarding the reality of Queen Bey’s hair, we decided to examine everything, and we discovered some unknown facts that you should know. Read below! 

#1. She has afro hair

The pop star’s stylist answers the debate saying that it is her real hair. However, many people are still unconvinced! A black woman like Beyoncé‘s has such long, thick, and flowing hair.

For those who do not know, afro hair does grow too. Although it has curls and kinks, it can be very long when straightened and pressed.

So it is only a misconception that afro hair does not grow long. But all black women can prove that this notion is not true. Their shoulder-length hair can be very long when relaxed.

#2. Her mother posted her natural hair

In 2017, Tina Knowles, the actress’ mother, posted a photo of the singer in her natural hair. It has a caption stating that her baby’s hair is growing back. That very statement in the caption implied that it was Beyoncé‘s real hair.

#3. Many artists have natural afro hair like the Queen Bey

Aside from the superstar herself, many other artists are proudly flaunting their impressive long hair on various social media accounts.

This includes Blac Chyna, Gabrielle Union, Nicki Minaj, and Oprah Winfrey. Apart from that, the younger sister of the pop star Solange Knowles also embraces her afro hair by posting images of her natural hair on social media.

#4. Professional hair care

Being in the spotlight for almost 15 years means that the way she looks is a part of her investment. This does not exclude her hair. Professionals are caring for Beyoncé‘s real hair, which is why it remains strong and long. Artists like herself have the resources to achieve such a beautiful mane.

Based on Forbes, with more or less 400 million dollars’ worth, the singing sensation has more than enough dollars to keep her hair maintained and healthy.

Nevertheless, many women belonging to the black community can prove that money is not an obstacle to caring for your hair.

It’s A Wrap!

We can never be sure whether or not she is wearing her real hair. She may be wearing her natural hair on Monday and choose to be on her wigs on Friday.

We can never know! Because it is Beyoncé, we are talking about here, folks! She is thriving to keep everything a mystery.  

Regardless of whether her hair is real or not, she is still fabulous as ever. Rest assured, she has thought of long hair that grows very well due to fashioned care and love under her blonde wig. That’s all there is about Beyonce’s real hair!

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